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Canon Powershot SX60 HS HS Due In Summer 2014?

Canon Powershot SX50 HS


A somewhat vague rumor surfaced on the web stating that the successor of the Powershot SX50 HS may be announced sometime in spring and be available for shipping in the summer 2014. The camera will most probably be named SX60 HS. No specs or other information. Speculation goes to the point that the SX60 HS could feature a 100x zoom. A pertinent patent appeared some time ago, though I do not think the SX60 HS will have such a crazy zoom range.

The Powershot SX50 HS is a popular bridge camera, and indeed it is due for replacement.

[via CR]

  • Wesley

    The camera pictured is actually an SX510.

    • canonwatch

      ooops, you’re right, thanks.
      These are busy times… :-)

  • Dan

    Has there been any other information about this rumour? Holding off buying an SX50 awaiting this camera :(

    • canonwatch

      nothing new so far. stay tuned

  • Sidd DeVille

    Im torn between Canon SX50 HS vs Sony HX300…cant decide what I should pick over the two…or should I wait til a new successor of the two comes out?….. any advise what brand should I pick?

    • Mehdi R

      Canon and Nikon are the biggest players in Camera market, I’ve seen people had terrible experience with Sony not only in cameras but also in laptops.
      I suggest you wait for SX60 and also keep an eye on new Nikon Coolpix P600 (60X Zoom) which introduced yesterday, forget Sony.
      I used Canon SX40, SX50 and also Nikon L820. Canon’s “Image Stabilizer” just works great and better than any other brands as this is very important in bridge cameras with high zooms but also Nikon’s Lens are noticeably sharper and wider, I’ve never seen such vivid and sharp photos with any other bridge camera or compact camera (1/2.3 image sensor).

  • JerryE

    I can hardly wait for the SX60 HS. I have an SX20 IS and was going to replace it with the SX50 this spring until I heard that the SX60 should be out any day. Is there any confidence that the SX60 will really be released soon or is Canon Teasing us?

  • Wildtim

    I have had a SX 40 for several years and love it! I’ve been meaning to pick up an SX50 but never got around to it. Today I was looking at one at HH Greg and was told they were discontinued so it looks like the SX60 is on its way!

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