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Canon Recalls 68,200 T4i/650D Due To Possible Allergic Reactions

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These are news I do not like, Holy Whatever! The Rebel T4i/650D is a cute little DSLR, I played around with it and didn’t get any skin rash. Engadget reported it first, let me quote the core of the message:

Hazard: A chemical used in the camera’s rubber grips can result in a reaction that changes the grips from black to white and poses a risk of skin irritation to the consumer.

Ok, no reason to panic. Check if you are involved (click here for the whole story):

Description: This recall involves EOS Rebel T4i digital SLR cameras with a 12-digit serial number that contain a second digit that is a “3” or “4” and a sixth digit that is a “1.” Serial numbers are printed on the bottom of the camera. The Canon logo and the model name are printed on the front of the camera.

Sold at: B&H Photo, Best Buy and camera and mass merchandise stores nationwide and and other online retailers between June 2012 and July 2012 for between $850 and $1,200.

Canon will replace the rubber grips free of charge. In the USA you can ring 855-902-3277.

For the time being, according to reports, there is only one customer affected by a «minor rash» after having touched a Rebel T4i.

[, via engadget]
  • The reason for nanmig the same camera differently in different markets is to deter the gray market . The gray market is when an importer in, say, the USA, buys Canon cameras and lenses in Hong Kong for a lower price than the Canon Authorized USA importer. Since they pay less, they can re-sell them for less than the authorized importer. The consumer thinks they are getting a good deal until they need warranty service. They then discover that their warranty is only good in Hong Kong or wherever the cameras and lenses were originally purchased for import.Although legal, the gray market actually harms the consumer and the legitimate sellers.

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