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Canon Rumor: Does Canon’s 75MP DSLR Have A Non Bayer Multilayer Sensor?


That’s what the latest Canon big megapixel rumor suggests, that the rumored 75MP are a ‘total usable photosite’ count and refers to a non Bayer multilayer sensor. Some time ago I reported a Canon patent that refers to such a sensor (this patent). Previous cover of the rumor here.

[via NL]
  • gummyrabbit

    So they’re using Sigma’s tactic of misrepresenting their megapixels which means it should actually be 1/3 of the stated number?

    • tom rose

      Mega-pixels alone can be misleading. The totally honest way to describe Sigma’s chips (e.g. the Merrill) would be 45M photosites yielding a 15Mp image. You can understand that they want to draw attention to the fact that each Foveon pixel is an accurate rendition of the colour at that point in the image, made up from three vertically aligned colour measurements. Other camera manufacturers using conventional Bayer Matrix technology are not exactly squeaky clean. A 24 M photosite conventional sensor might indeed deliver a 24Mp image, but the pixels are not of the same quality as those from a Foveon chip. How could they be when half of the pixels measure only green light and a quarter measure each of red and blue? If you up-res a 15Mp image from a DP1 Merrill to match the pixel count from most current Full Frame SLRs they’ll still be superior images. There is only one practical problem with the Foveon chip – poor low light performance. Then other issues (clunky camera bodies, no IS, slow write times) are all fixable with current technology. As someone that grew up in an era when Kodachrome 200 was the fastest film that delivered acceptable image quality I am not too bothered if I cannot go to ISO 6400 and above with a “daylight camera”. If I want to shoot in near darkness I’ll use a different camera more suited to low light.

  • Gunnar

    or they count the photosites on a sensor like the 70D’s that has 2 photosites per bayer-pixel.. which would result in roughly a 36Mpixel image i guess. ;)

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