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Canon shows resin 3D printer and MREAL virtual reality set a Canon EXPO 2015

At Canon EXPO 2015 the company is showing a 3D printer concept (video above).

Our first 3D printer developed entirely in-house has been designed to make the production process quicker than ever before.

We use a resin-based system, which gives any modelled objects superior strength. It also means you can use the same machine to create your prototypes and produce small runs of the final product.

With the highest level of precision in the industry we’ve reduced the need for time-consuming post-processing. Plus, higher modelling speeds and faster setting times mean you’ll spend more time innovating and less time waiting.

Another technology Canon is working since some time is Mixed Reality (MREAL). The video below introduces to the technology on display at Canon EXPO Paris 2015.

Canon’s Mixed Reality (MREAL) offers more realism than any other visual representation and enables you to interact with designs in real time, from any point of view.

MREAL combines a real-world environment with the virtual world of computer-generated imagery for a more innovative way of working. By wearing a headset, you’ll be able to design and create prototypes at actual size and assess them in 360°. MREAL will allow you to share and review these before the actual manufacturing starts, for more efficient, effective and quicker problem solving during the Product Lifecycle. Giving you the ability to look inside an object and interactively check its inner workings, the system is ideal for manufacturing and training.

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