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Canon doing worse than Nikon, according to T. Northrup

canon rumors

Some time ago Nikon filed a “Notice of Recognition of Extraordinary Loss” and even cancelled the production of three premium compact cameras they’d already announced.

According to Tony Northrup, Canon is doing even worse than Nikon. No clue how he got this idea. While all camera companies have to tackle some issues, to me it seems Canon is doing pretty well.

  • Michal Rosa

    He is quite a genius when it comes to physics ( now he is also an accounting expert.

  • Why in gods name again this video … ^^
    It´s like a bad dream, following you over weeks *g*

  • slclick

    The guy shares alt+tacts about DoF, crop vs FF and now accounting. Just because the ignorant masses follow you and your cute wife on YT doesn’t mean you know what you are talking about.

  • Michael – Visual Pursuit

    Hmmmm….. everything he says Nikon should do, Canon is already doing.
    Methinks he is slightly confused.

  • Stevie Jay Elmm

    That guy and his nasty wife are nothing more than modern snake oil sales people who will say anything to get clicks for money. Stop promoting worthless photographers who should not be respected for opinion. They get a following cult of loyal idiots who praise anything they say or post just like the angry man who lives in a van down by the river. Tony Northrup is the new age person who will say one thing one week at yoga and the next week tell you how everything you eat is bad for your 7th chakra

    • Aleksandar Knezevic

      You’re 100% right sir, TN is photo camera tele-evangelist!

  • gasbubble

    While TN is a feckless YT persona, it’s not false that Canikon are failing.

    I sold my Canon kit 2 years ago due to the relatively weak feature set, and I have no regrets. My keeper rate is higher, my bag is lighter, and I have 4k video in one system, all for less money.

    I spent some time with the M5 recently. It would have been a good body 3 years ago, but in today’s market, I’ll pass.

    • Michal Rosa

      Prove it.

  • Chaitanya
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