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Canon’s 120MP full-frame sensor is not a Bayer sensor, it’s based on new technology [CW4]


Bayer sensor (image: Wikipedia)

I have been told by a reputable source (was right in the past) that Canon’s 120MP full-frame sensor is not based on Bayer technology. That means: not an RGB sensor.

According to Canon (as told by the source), an RGB sensor doesn’t work for such a high resolution, i.e. for resolutions above 100MP. The source stated it is a totally new technology that Canon is employing on their upcoming 120MP sensor. We are not talking Foveon or other stuff here. To be more clear: according to the source, with this sensor Canon will introduce a new sensor technology to the world.

Update: after the post has been published, the source contacted me saying it may be “a technology similar to Foveon”. We have a long row of Canon patents pointing to Foveon/Multi-Layer sensors.

The 120MP sensor was announced as a development project back in September 2015. Since then, we didn’t hear much about the sensor, except that it could go to market in 2018.

So, now the big question is: what sensor technology does Canon employ on their full-frame 120MP sensor?

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