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(CW5) More Canon EOS M3 Images (tiltable display, popup flash) – Update: external EVF!




UPDATE: (thanks) the EOS M3 is compatible with Canon’s EVF-DC1 electronic viewfinder first released for the Powershot G1 X Mark II.

Thanks to the reader who posted the links in the comment section we have more pics of the upcoming EOS M3, front and back. As you can see it has a tiltable display and a pop-up flash. It seems Canon listened to their customers.

What else do you see in the pics?


The first image of the new Canon EOS M3 leaked at digicame-info.

  • Rick

    that definitely looks like the G1X Mark II hot shoe and not a normal canon hotshoe.

  • Nick

    I only have 2 questions… when does it go on sale and for how much? I am hoping for very soon.

  • ditboy

    marriage of the G Series controls with EF-M glass, and hopefully lots more glass to come! Hopefully Canon listened and made it very fast.

  • Caerolle

    Funny. A hybrid between two of the worst-reviewed Canons ever.

  • Tibor Kádár

    what about the sensor?

  • Rick

    discovered elements. C1 and C2 modes. front dial around shutter. NFC/Wifi. dedicated MF button suggests G1XII / G7X focus peaking but at least a switch between AF/MF.

    two port areas. one the right side for HDMI, the left side looks like mic and usb/av.

  • Vlad

    What the first M should have been. Still has some issues – play/record buttons too close together, and the rear dial that doubles as a direction pad is an established failure that everyone else has long moved away from. But thankfully, no articulating LCD so this could make a good street and vacation camera. Well done for the most part (provided it has a decent sensor).

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Oh boy, not another selfie-only tilt screen, no! Seems Canon was aiming at the Sony A5100 instead of the A6000. It certainly looks huge compared to the M/M2.

    • strangeshape

      Selfie-only? What do you mean by that? The hinges are at the top of the camera, so you could very well do the “hassy sneak peek” if that sounds cooler to you.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Needs weather sealing and an integrated EVF, but progress. Still, mirrorless is an enthusiast play, not mass market, so this will likely disappoint and Canon will wonder why it failed. They need a Sony A6000 (and A7x) killer. Or an EM1/Gh4 killer. Or something as sexy as every Fuji. Aim the 1″ sensor and selfie models at the masses. This should be trying to win the hearts of influencers and enthusiasts. Maybe the specs and handling will deliver. I hope so!

  • Another Thought

    The first Canon M was underrated; it was actually a good camera that took great pics but had slow AF. They have few M series lenses but they are all great ones. The build quality is very high; the M feels like a solid camera; if you hold the Sony A6000 it feels like a toy.

    As long as they have a great AF, especially the dual pixel AF, then they will do relatively well in the market.

    As to Sony…which everone seems to compare Canon’s offering to…well Sony’s not doing nearly as great as the internet chatter would have you believe. In the largest market for mirrorless, Japan, Sony’s market share has declined. I don’t wish Sony anything bad, but they are doing far worse than their fans online would seem to indicate.

    I think the M3 could be a real winner in the market; most people will trust Canon for cameras far more than most other brands.

    • Kevin Levrone

      I second that. If it wasn’t for the slow focusing, I wouldn’t even look at a new EOS M right now. The old one takes amazing pictures.

    • zorglub76

      A6000 owner here. I bought that camera after having NEX 5n (magnesium body) and the plastic felt so underwhelming. I was very disappointed when the camera arrived.
      Fast forward 8 months and now I have no problems with the materials. Thing is – cameras don’t need to last more than 10 years now. I changed NEX 5n after 3 years, and I plan to change A6000 after 3-5 years too. The plastic proved to be very sturdy and lightweight, and I’d rather have cheaper plastic camera than more expensive magnesium body one.
      Of course if the price difference would be 10-20 dollars, I’d go for the better feel.

  • Le Minh

    Why the hell they still keep the lens releasing button on the left? When I already adapted to the MILC system of other companies, using that button on Canon cameras is so annoying!

    • Bhima

      Even worse is the reverse threading on Nikon lenses. I STILL haven’t gotten used to it from all those years using Canon DSLRs and now Oly m43’s cameras.

  • man

    All Canon had to do is take the EOS-SL1- sub in an EVF and tailor thickness and of course sprinkle magical pixie dust on top (not on sensor – leave that to Nikon) – done. Would be best in class.

  • strangeshape

    Looks beautiful. Even though I think I need an EVF I most of the times end up not using it when I shoot with mirrorless cameras. If the AF is snappy I might get one with the 22mm after the initial price plummets.

  • YingTong

    Arch conservative Canon again doing the incremental minimum as a spoiler in the mirrorless market. The subtext to this offering is to present the least possible alternative to the big dollar rigs that Canon is now stuck with as a main line. This one completes my migration to Fuji.

    • Rick

      Oh dear, I hope you aren’t going over to Fuji .. don’t they also make a X-A1/2 camera that doesn’t have an EVF – not even an external one? the shame..

      • Arctic-Winds

        But they do have the X-E2 and the X-T1. Both have EVFs.

        • Rick

          imagine that .. products in a different market segment. with canon’s EF-M lenses it’s clear that they are tailoring this to consumers. which is where the volume is.

          • Carl at

            Rick, checkmate on YT and AW. Imagine that.

          • Arctic-Winds

            Is the EOS-M really in a different market segment? It’s going to be priced at a premuim (because this is Canon) and will go head to head with the X-E2 amongst others. It’s by no means an entry level Mirrorless unless they take a major step backwards from the previous models.

          • Richard

            you know this for sure? the M and M2 came out at 65,000 yen. it just so happens that is sub 600 now.

          • Arctic-Winds

            It’s an educated guess after the premium price of the M in the UK (before it got reduced in price) along with their pricing strategy for their other models too.

          • Richard

            yeah and the Yen was trading at a all time high in the summer of 2012. Educated guess would also assume that currency valuations play a factor in what it sells in local currency.

            right now the yen is blowing chunks and expected to do so for the remainder of the year.

            however the UK has it’s own share of problems.

          • Bhima

            Those consumers you are thinking of buy smartphones not cameras. Enthusiasts spend $500+ on a camera, and they better dang well have an EVF or some other compelling features that this camera doesn’t really seem to offer.

          • Richard

            Apparently enough of them are purchasing to make canon just under panasonic as far as marketshare without even trying with the M/M2 in Japan, and the M to be continually in the top 3 of MILC’s sold in Japan.

            So i guess they know their market possibly better than you do.

  • Frank

    Why not use the a gadget like Google glass as an electronic view finder

  • Kevin Levrone

    Looks perfect for my needs. Now let’s pray for the dual-pixel 7DII sensor (and not a Sony sensor).

  • Andrew

    Is that a usable control wheel around the shutter button or just a video/camera switch like eosm 1&2?
    Dedicated ISO button= GOOD!
    Dedicated MF button = GOOD!
    High Failure rate scroll wheel on back = BAD!

    • Rick

      Odd. I’ve taken around 30 to 40K shots with M’s across two of them. never had a scroll wheel problem. never heard of people complaining about the scroll wheel on the M either.

      • Andrew

        Good for you Rick, I hope your luck continues…

  • #subzero

    Am I the only one who thinks the white ‘s real, and then someone has taken Photoshop to see what it looks like in black and with 22mm . And then for fun still working on a rear view .

    • Kevin Levrone

      Yes you are.

  • 149zig890


  • Pnm67

    It looks better, but without EVF its still a useless IXUS with interchangeable glass, never mind what you can add to the hotshoe. I bought the M last year and 3 lenses, and now collects dust because I realised that using a rear screen is impractical (for me). Love the quality of the lenses and using an adapter to get access to my other L’s, but without an EVF its a dead duck, and an overpriced bolt on doesn’t cut it. Canon know this, but they are too scared to offer what people want for fear of losing sales of their DSLR’s, they would rather lose them to Sony/Pentax/Olympus. Will it still need to be hacked just to get the features it should have? (Intervalometer). Very sad because this should have been so much more, but they won’t do anything until Nikon do it and then play catch up again. I’ve always used 5D, 5D2, 5D3 and went over to an Oly EM10 for my compact needs. It blows the M out of the water in every way, features, usability, practicality and IQ. Just in MHO, watch the haters comment now.

    • canonwatch

      you can use an external EVF

      • Pnm67

        I’m aware of that, thats why I said “an overpriced bolt on doesn’t cut it”. Rear screens are fantastic and I wouldn’t want to go back to the days of my first coolpix with a tiny screen, but I don’t want to have to use one for everything. A sunny bright day=game over. Really want this to be a knockout system, but even if it had the most amazing sensor that would even make you a cuppa on demand, it won’t be. Put an evf in it and it could be

    • Kevin Levrone

      I don’t need an EVF and I’m so glad it doesn’t have it. I prefer a smaller camera at a lower price.

  • ditboy

    Love/hate relationship with the M/M2 strap set up ends…

  • DouglasGottlieb

    If this can deliver 7Dm2 performance it will be a winner. If it delivers SL1m2 performance, it won’t.

    Canon should take the mirror out of the SL1 to shrink the body to Sony A7x size but extend the flange so that native L lenses work without an adapter, add a best ever EVF, weather sealing, 7Dm2 performance, dual pixel tech, and 4K video, then sell it for US$1200. Or better yet, go full frame and sell it for $1999.

    Opening up the entire range of Canon glass natively (if the autofocus performance could hold up) in a tiny mirrorless camera would vault Canon into a dominant position in mirrorless.

    The EOSM has an identity crisis. The 35mm FoV prime signals one intent, but the specs (or lack thereof) indicate a very different market.

    I wonder if this EOSM3 will even be a global release. Either way, it seems doomed to fall into the shadow of the 50mp dSLR.

  • mfiftysomething

    I think it fantastic that Canon users will now have the things other mirror-less owners have had since 2012

  • JR

    Not very exciting but it makes sense. People who dislike but have not used the EOS-M system are unaware how good the lenses are, especially for the price. A built-in finder would be great but Canon knows people won’t pay for it. Offering a EVF they already make is a smart, low risk strategy as well.

  • Richard

    I think it looks great. I own the original EOS M, and although there are occasions when I have been dissatisfied with the AF, focus, the lack of EVF, the lack of dedicated buttons etc. I still appreciate the image quality, not to mention the quality of the lenses! The M3 has almost everything I had hoped for. Sure, I too would have preferred an integrated EVF, but if that the snap-on can be made better and bigger than built-in ones, that may still be a good approach. The only really negative thing is the price, which seems a bit to high. I am very curious about image quality of the new sensors, especially, the low light performance. It would also be great to have a few more lenses, specifically I would appreciate some very fast primes.

  • Narn

    If it doesn’t fall into what “you” desire, then its not for you. dont forget the less (no evf) they ive the less it cost. slap everything on it, mind as well get a T6i or what ever. ut forget everything, its nt even coming to US. All haters out there complaining I doesnt have this and tht prob wont never buy one even if it had all those.

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