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Do You Remember The Good Old EOS 5D (Mark 1, so to say)?

Do you? Canon's milestone entry in the full-frame contest? It is over six years since then, and the 5D is still available, and it costs almost nothing, just $649 (click here) on eBay! This was a game changing camera, something almost revolutionary! Just my 2 cents. :-)

[inspiration via The Phoblographer]


  • wt21

    $649? I got mine at a local camera shop for $550. I keep thinking about a mkii, but I don’t need the video, so I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the extra $800!

  • Roscoe Tanner

    Have been using it on a weekly basis from early 2007, these days attached to my Canon 24-105mm f/4 which is inseparable.
    Current shutter count around 180,000 and counting.

    Great camera, paid thru my nose to get it back in the day, not worth much these days…shame how it is with the digital technology isn’t it.

  • rang

    I got mine new along with a 30D for a crop body; Used both for years as a pair…same menus same controls.
    Probably will never sell them. Still viable as a back up set. Now using a pair of 1DX’s for work.
    The 5D was a great…well still great combination of tech and UI at the time. Still produces beautiful images when teamed up with nice L glass.

  • Patsy Wang

    Now a legendary Canon model that 8 years later the MKIII is still based on. I tried to find a reson for upgrading to a later model but just can’t, it’s so good and fitting for my shooting needs it’s hard to place it into retirement. If anything I may get the rumored 7D MKII for its tech advances and crop-sensor capabilities to use alongside my full-frame 5D. I thought about converting it to infra-red but my husband would be against that idea, I’m sure ;)

    A true full-frame legend from Canon, just as the venerable D700 has been for the Nikon shooters.

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