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EOS 5D Mark III Hardware Change Rumor

The latest I heard about the 5D Mark III says that new batches that are shipped have a thicker top LCD panel cover that looks a little different than the one mounted on previous batches. Don’t know if it has to do with the light-leaking issue that has been observed on some 5D Mark III bodies, or if it has something to do with the rumored recall/stock delaying of the Mark III.

  • Mr Skeptic

    Hey d*ckhead, where did you “hear” this? From a little birdie?

    Yeah, I “heard” that Canon will be recalling all EOS 5D Mark III cameras and giving all of their customers Ferraris.

    I can’t tell you where I heard that. I just heard it.

  • Hope you’ll get a big, fat, red Ferrari. :-)
    And that you’ll have a 5D3 to picture it.

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