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Gizmodo’s 10 Most Important Cameras Of 2012, EOS 5D Mark III On First Position

EOS 5D Mark III On First Position

Gizmodo posted the 10 most important cameras of 2012, putting the Canon EOS 5D Mark III on first position.

Beside the awesome 61 point AF system (the same featured on the EOS-1D X), the EOS 5D Mark III (price & specs) is seen as the update to the EOS 5D Mark II (price & specs) that users wanted. If the EOS 5D Mark II was the game changer it was, especially for indie film makers, then Canon did the right thing to listen to customers and to improve the EOS 5D Mark III following users suggestions. Some excerpts from Gizmodo’s motivation to rank the EOS 5D Mark III on first place among the 10 top cameras of 2012:

  • In creating the 5D Mark III, Canon listened to all of the critiques and complaints about the Mark II, refining the hardware, functionality, and capabilities of its insanely popular shooter. It may be more update than revolution, but damn: This camera is sweet.
  • The biggest differences between the Mark II and Mark III are hidden inside, but the 5D Mark III’s body and exterior control layout have also seen some improvements. It’s nicer to hold and easier to use. The power switch […] has been beefed up and moved to the top of the camera next to the mode dial. It’s easier to find, and harder to accidentally flip.
  • […]  one of the things that distinguished the 5D Mark II was its amazing low-light performance. The Mark III improves on this noticeably. Its full-frame 22.3-megapixel sensor might only be marginally larger than the 21.1-megapixel sensor on the Mark II. But its new design uses pixels that work better in low-light conditions […] the new design includes a gapless micro lens—also borrowed from the 1D X—that basically lets more light reach the sensor’s pixels.
  • Combined with a smoking new Digic 5+ processor the Mark III focuses shockingly fast, even when there’s not a lot of light. […] rofessionals can tweak and fine-tune the camera’s tracking sensitivity and characteristics to their needs, but regular people can get shockingly good results with the six presets.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II, which still is an absolutely great camera, can be yours for a steal, $1749 in these days (click on shopname: Amazon USA, B&H Photo, Digitalrev, eBay, Adorama, Canon USA. The EOS 5D Mark III is seeing price drop after price drop, and is sold for $2800 (click here) by top rated eBay seller getitdigital. The usual price is around $2975 in these days (click on shopname: Amazon USA, B&H Photo, Digitalrev, eBay, Adorama, Canon USA).

[via fujirumors]


  • Great camera & probably this 1st place well deserved! However….!!, why not mention any of the other cameras/brands in this articles. Some other similar blog sites of other brands or MFT do mention others as well. Just saying…

  • 434343

    welll gizmodo has no clue.

    not that the 5D is not a great camera i have one myself.. but this senstence shows that they have no clue:

    Its full-frame 22.3-megapixel sensor might only be marginally larger than the 21.1-megapixel sensor on the Mark II.

    larger… damn if you do technical reviews then you should be able to tell the difference between megapixels and sensor size.

    one is just a dimensionless number …. megapixels… the sensor size is completely independend from the megapixels and has dimension (mm^2 or length x width)

  • Bob B.

    Ronald…I could not agree with you more. I bought 3 cameras this year..
    Panasonic GX-1
    Olympus O-MD
    Canon 5D MarkIII
    …in that order. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Canon Fan…but out of the three, the only one that I keep saying “I can’t believe how GREAT this little camera performs!”, just about every time I use it is the OM-D. No doubt. Maybe if Canon had put 3-axis IBIS in the 5DIiI body someone might have an argument..but Olympus DEFINITELY delivered the most innovative product of 2012 for my money with a great and ever growing selection of lenses to back it up…And if you want to talk about intro price, Canon just has to zip it up and hang its head down. I love my 5DIII’s a nice upgrade…but not even close for the most important camera of 2012. Get real.
    Slapping the 24-70mm f/2.8L II might help a little, though…;-)

    • Ronald

      Hello Bob, Well…., I shot Canon for as long as I remember! From analog Snappy 20 compact, T50 slr, A-1, Eos 1 slr, 10D, 20D, 30D, 5DmkII, 7D. December 2011 I bought an Olympus E5 as second system. A few months ago I sold that body to get an Olympus OM-D! + grip and a few lenses. Started as an experiment and ended up selling almost all Canon gear. It is not perfect!, but innovative it is!

      Now if they can fix the c-af in a future model and bring us some bright tele-lenses… The OM-D isn’t a 1Dx or D4, but it does so many things brilliant. Actually it does some stuff way better as those big guns form Canon or Nikon. But vice versa also. I use it for press-photography and concert photography as well.

      Greetings Ronald

  • Admin

    well, this is canonwatch. We feature all things Canon related. :-)
    Have a happy New Year!

  • hardfbonemac

    Nice nice!

    workin 4 days with a C500…then a c100 a d5 is nice.
    And it is the problem, that a munsda like CANON closes its hands
    and i am lost…because my litte P+S si2k can breake the others?
    If you make photos you have a plenty good cams now. ( nikon d600 oly o-md,
    the Canon 6d goes in…. yes yes..)
    And is it 2013 the year of forgetting aps-c?
    The eos-m is tiny beat but for waht so tiny? for fridolin beutlin in hellgate,
    makin a picture of …no place in a spaceship…. tiny hands of a baby?

    same was on filmset…. just, why not ONE C200 realistic 2k canon and
    i can buy it for….3900,-???
    A every days performer i will use every day?

    do you read this CANON?

    you have done all right..all..but it is not.

    like my new second hand 390 hours arri alexxxxxxa…

    i have no time for experiments and jokish 123 generations

    the one now– not whren i am old

  • Bob B.
    • Ronald

      Ha, ha, my college use a D800 and I mostly now the OM-D. 1st and 2nd place, not bad :-)

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