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Hartblei SRA-I Superrotator Adapter for Canon EOS-R (and others) Announced

Hartblei SRA-I Superrotator Adapter For Canon EOS-R (and Others) Announced

German company Hartblei announced the new Supperrotator for Canon EOS-R mount (and E-Mount, L-Mount, and Nikon Z).

Press release:

New Hartblei SRA-I Superrotator adapter for E-Mount, L-Mount, EOS-R and Nikon-Z. Use all excellent Zeiss Hasselblad lenses with the famous, fully independent Tilt-Shift superrotator movements (10mm of shift as well as 8 degrees of tilt – both geared + self locking )and parallaxfree 3x 360º Rotation. Tripod foot is Arca compatible
(We also have a Pentacon mount version for the Users of Zeiss Jena Glass)

Please PN me for more Infos –

The Item is available right now (built on order) – the price is 1129,-€ net + shipment

[via Mirrorless Rumors]
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