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Here Is A Canon Patent For In Body Image Stabilisation (IBIS)

Canon Patent
This is clearly a DSLR and not a MILC

Japanese site Hi Lows Note spotted the patent of the year.

Canon patent application in Japan 2018-165756 describes an IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation) system.

The lack of IBIS was one of the criticism Canon had to face after the launch of the Canon EOS R. There have been various statements by Canon execs about how much better image stabilisation in lens is working. However, no one ever excluded the possibility Canon might feature IBIS on future cameras. At least now we know there is a Canon patent application for it. Interesting note: the picture on top is depicting a DSLR and not a mirrorless camera.

Machine translated excerpt from the patent literature:

The imaging device of the present invention is provided with an image sensor, the frame which supports the aforementioned image sensor, and the driving member which moves the aforementioned frame in the direction parallel to the imaging surface of the aforementioned image sensor, and the aforementioned vibrating member, It has a vibration portion which vibration occurs, it sees from the direction which intersects perpendicularly to the imaging surface of the aforementioned image sensor, and the vibration portion of at least one driving member overlaps the center of the imaging surface of the aforementioned image sensor.

What do you think, is Canon considering to sport IBIS on future cameras?

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