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How To Know The Shutter Actuations Count Of Your Canon DSLR

5D Mark III shutter mechanism (image credit:

Who doesn’t want to know how many times the shutter of his or her DSLR has been actuated? You know that Canon DSLRs (like every other DSLR) are guaranteed to hold for a minimum number of actuation (typically 100000 for consumer oriented cams, and up to 300000 for pro oriented ones). This is an important information to know, especially if you are going to buy a used camera: the risk of failure increases after the actuation limit has been reached. Unfortunately there are no official ways to learn about the shutter actuations of your DSLR. But there are some freeware utilities that can do the job, and make your life more easy. Clicking here you can read a good background article with all the links to the utilities.

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[via thedigitalstory via canon5dtips]
  • Bob b.

    It’s funny…if you try to sell a camera online you will definitely learn how to determine the number of shutter actuations of your camera….because ALL perspective buyers want to know! LOL!
    I recently sold my 5D II on eBay…and after checking a couple of similar listings before I posted my camera for sale…..I found myself downloading software to determine my shutter count.
    It is fun an interesting to see how much I actually used my camera and can be very useful and provide transparency at the time of sale.
    If you have a camera…it is kind of like knowing your blood type…most of us walk around daily without knowing!

  • HenryH

    Not so sure about the word “guaranteed”. If your camera is out of warranty and your shutter fails short of the the expected rate, I’m pretty sure Canon will not cover that for free. It’s more of a guideline than anything else. I sure wouldn’t make any promises to anyone I sold a camera to.

    • As far as I know, Canon doesn’t guarantee a minimum number of shutter actuations. The number is more like an estimated shutter life based on their testing. If you average the shutter life of a large number of cameras, Canon’s estimate is probably about right. But some shutters will fail well short of the average, and some will keep going well beyond.

  • 232323

    get a life bob.. are you ever leaving your house?

    all you do is write comments on various websites 24 hours a day.

    what a sad life you must have…..

    • Lol

      Bob has a fan

      • Anonymous

        Obviously I have more of a life than 232323….cause I am excited about photography!!!!!!! :-))))

  • Bob B.

    Hmmmm…for some reason my last post came up annoymous….but I am Bob B. I have an identity that is real….
    I wanted to post again so 232323 (or whoever) knows it was me)…for sure, because I am proud of who I am!!!!!!!
    See…I have an identity, I am a kickass photographer and I enjoy life and coming here ..out in the open …not hiding and sniping. You are retty pathetic 232323…Ha…Ha…Ha…Ha..Ha….. :-)

  • binoyte

    “5D Mark III shutter mechanism (image credit:”

    What a joke !!! Seems to me, it’s a bit small for a fullframe sensor. Here you can have a look to the 5d mkiii shutter :

    The picture of the article is probably the stab and/or diaphragm mechanism of the Canon G1X !

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