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How To Remove A Stuck Lens Filter (According to Canon)

Ever had a lens filter stuck on your glass? Craig Pulsifer had the issue and asked Canon how to do to remove the filter. Well, Canon's instructions on how to remove the stuck filter are somewhat brutal, but it worked. You need a hacksaw, a hammer and some more tools. Don't know if you want (and are able) to treat your precious Canon glass that way. However…

See the whole procedure with description on Craig Pulsifer's blog.

[via fstoppers]


  • CanonEOSPunk

    NO! just buy a cheap filter remover, and if that doesn’t work…

    1) Tape a ziplock bag around your entire lens, leaving just the front 1/2 inch of the lens and filter exposed.
    2) Liberally spray the front 1/2 inch of the lens and filter (paying particular attention to the seam between the lens and filter) with WD40. Stand the lens (front element up) on a table and allow the WD to penetrate a few minutes.
    3) Repeat step 2.
    4) Place the lens in the freezer for 1 hour. This time make sure it’s front element is down to allow the WD40 to drain onto a paper towel.
    5) Remove from freezer, wipe all the oil off with dry paper towels and simply rotate the lens filter off.

  • Bob B.

    Well…I agree with the filter wrench sugestion……

  • That really sounds like a last resort method!
    The damage risk to the front element of the lens seems quite high (from the hammerof step 2, the shattered glass of step 3, and from the pliers and the bits of the filter itself of step 4).

    First, drip a few drops of WD40 or such onto the thread (preferably from outer to avoid oil getting in the lens or on the front element), allow to penetrate, set an elastic band around the filter and try a simple filter wrench.
    Works 95% of time.

    And don’t forget that unscrewing direction is counterclockwise. ;)

  • Righty tighty, lefty loosey.

  • I used a jar opener made by oxo. It’s V shaped with serrated edges that gripped the base of the filter and a little twist and it was off.

    • Admin


  • Stephen

    I had a slightly warped filter on my lens. I gripped the lip of the filter with a pair of small pliers and bent the lip inward toward the center of the lens, then slightly rocked the pliers left and right. Then I pressed the lens onto the bottom of my running shoes and twisted. I had used every once of strength and everything else I could think of before that. I thought I would have to saw mine off, but my Nike did the job just fine; just do it.

  • Gary Boggess

    FINALLY… I got the filter that was stuck onto my Canon 18-135mm lens off!!! I tried everything… no dice. I tried many times for months!!! Today, I had the idea of running a credit card around the gap between the lens and the filter… when I got to the bent area, it made a crack sound like the threads being forced back into place. After trying to UNSCREW it, I concluded that all that did was help it get BACK off the threads in the area it was obviously bent. So, I used the card ONE more time, and AND LEFT IT JAMMED in that area where it made the thread cracking sound, I then tapped it several times fairly hard with a large wrench using the rubber coated handle end. This bent the filter frame a little and stopped it from going OFF track/threads. It screwed right off!

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