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How To Shoot Astrophotography Panoramas (video tutorial)

How To Shoot Astrophotography
Screeenshot from the video

Are you into astrophotography? Or did you just get the Canon EOS Ra and want to start with the craft? Here is a short how to shoot astrophotography tutorial.

The rather in-depth how to shoot astrophotography panoramas video was made by motion control gear company Syrp together with astrophotographer Charles Brooks:

Charles Brooks is a true expert at astro panoramas. He runs Opus Expeditions in New Zealand, taking adventurous photographers to the most breathtaking locations around the country. He has mastered the art of Astro and in this filmmaking guide, he shares all of his best-kept secrets about how to shoot a multi-row panoramic Astro image.

Anyone can take a good photo of the stars, but not everyone can get that mind-blowing effect that you’re about to learn.

In this video, Charles walks you through the process of taking amazing Astro panoramas. This is a very in-depth tutorial that goes from the gear he uses and location-scouting right through to post-production.

The 30 minutes video (below) covers various techniques and general tips about astrophotography. it discusses gear, location, setup, and post production.

About location:

As 83% of the world population lives under light-polluted skies, it can be really hard to escape these bright areas, as traces of light can persist for miles.

[…] Charles uses a website called Dark Site Finder to find the perfect spot for this shoot and Photopills to find exactly where the Milky Way is going to be at during this time of the year, thanks to their Planner and 2D Milky Way modes. The best season is different for the Southern and Northern Hemisphere.

And here is the video:

More photography tips and tricks are listed here.

[via DIY Photography]

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