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Interview With Canon Europe (mirrorless, 6D, strategies, compact full frame, etc)

Spanish DSLR Magazine (machine translated) published a long interview with Richard Shepherd, Senior Product Specialist for the EOS system, Canon Europe. Many topics are discussed: Canon’s approach to the mirrorless market and the EOS M, sense and meaning of the EOS 6D, and Canon’s strategic plans.

DSLR MZ. Perhaps the high end is well positioned, but what about the lower-middle range? With a 6D “full frame” at an affordable price, the lower ranges are more “tight”. How will you position the current offer DSLR given the arrival of the 6D?

R. Shepherd. Mmmm … You want us to do our cameras more expensive then? (Smile). It is clear that there may be some overlap, and it is impossible to make a perfect segmentation, but our idea is to always provide users with all the possible options, where each product performs its function and does it in the best way possible.

Asked about a Canon full-frame camera with fixed lenses (like Sony’s RX1):

R. Shepherd – From the point of view of Canon, the G1X offers similar features, although not exactly a sensor “full frame”, is a big sensor into a body too small. It is above all a question of balance between size and sensor size camera, and think that in this respect the G1X offers a good balance. Claiming that never fabricate a compact “full-frame” would be silly, it could happen in the future … we are constantly listening to the market and if there was demand from the market, would be considered … yet also has the Canon EOS-M, but without sensor “full frame”, offers good quality, which together with the G1X are the perfect companions for larger DSLR.

About the EOS M:

R. Shepherd. Regarding the EOS-M, we always think of the customer. We identify a type of clients, typically possessing a compact camera and wanted to take good pictures, even higher quality, but without having to be photographers, not want to have to worry about the typical settings of the cameras more “pro”. So effectively for the EOS-60D M starting with a we eliminate the reflex mirror and made it smaller … is essentially the same technology, so the quality is really high, the differences lie more in ease of use, simple … P & S style [Point & Shoot, Aim and shoot] … yet have the manual controls, though not directly accessible, for it must be entered on the menu … but actually offers a very simple camera with which anyone can take good pictures.

And then, the question we are all waiting to get answered: Does Canon plan do release a more pro-oriented mirrorless camera??

We think that for the moment, we have a fantastic range of products covering all options … for a more advanced compact camera with manual controls is the G1X, which has a large sensor too. Would have to rethink what we mean with a CSC “pro” or midrange CSC, exactly what you’re looking for … we may replace a DSLR?


D SLR MZ. Therefore we can conclude that … the G1X and this range of EOS-M are covered all current expectations of this market.

R. Shepherd. Yes.

There is (obviously) much more in the interview. However, the EOS M is “really the first Compact System Camera that inherits the image quality of a DSLR“. :-)

Canon’s EOS 6D can be preordered at the following shops:

EOS-M price check: [shopcountry 6091] EOS 6D price check: [shopcountry 7139] [shariff]

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