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Is The Canon C100 The Right Video Tool For You? (and noise comparison with 5D2 and Sony EX1)

Canon C100 Review 2013 from Philip Johnston on Vimeo.

Is the Canon C100 the right video tool for you? The review is by Philip Johnston and was featured on nofilmschool. The C100 (B&H | Adorama) is heavily discussed (and criticized) in specialized forums. Too little features compared to the C300 (B&H | Adorama), too high the price, and so on. However, it is a solid tool for video professionals, and a lot of people appreciated it. That’s what Joe Marine over at nofilmschool thinks:

This camera seems to be getting as much vitriol in the comments on this website as the Canon 1D C, but the Canon C100 also has its share of defenders. It might not be priced perfectly considering the features, but it’s a camera that should just work out the box without much fuss, and Canon has made some key changes compared to the C300 that might be a deal-breaker for some, but well worth the cost-savings for others.

Well, I can confirm that the EOS-1D C (B&H | Adorama) gets a lot of hate, mainly because of the crazy price tag. :-) More of Joe’s thought about where the C100 fits best can be read here.

Below is a short noise test between the C100, the EOS 5D Mark II (Amazon, B&H Photo, Digitalrev, eBay, Adorama, Canon USA) and the Sony EX1 (B&H)

Legends of Light: Noise tests of a Canon C100, 5D mark 2, & Sony EX1 from Darren Levine on Vimeo.

Canon C100 The Right Video Tool

[via nofilmschool]


  • Bob B.

    I don’t shoot video…EVER!!! LOL. …but that Canon C camera is extremely impressive looking…looks like it packs a wallop from a small package…

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