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US Deal: Canon EOS 6D Drops To $1899 At B&H


Hot deal at B&H! You can have the Canon EOS 6D for $1899 (click here). Final price shows up when the item is added to the cart.


  • Andy

    A better way to post current deals would be to have a chart showing a recent history of deals (similar to the stock market) because Canon prices can be all over the map and knowing that a camera was $300 less a few weeks ago may indicate that it will be that cheap again in the near future.

    For Example:
    Canon 5D Mark III
    $2,499 11-23-2012 eBay Seller BigValueInc
    $2,599 12-16-2012 eBay Seller BigValueInc
    $2,799 12-17-2012 eBay Seller getitdigital
    $2,906 01-23-2013 eBay Seller BigValueInc

    Also, the best deal for the Canon 6D would be B&H’s $2,500 price including the EF 24-105 F/4L IS Lens (*if you live in an area where you can sell equipment easily) because here in Los Angeles I could sell the brand new 24-105mm on Craigslist for $750-$780 fairly quickly bringing the price of the 6D down to just $1,750.

  • morgan

    I wonder if these prices are part of a permanent price drop or just momentary? I’m saving to buy a 6D in March, but could stretch now if this seemed like a temporary bottom. I have other cameras now, so it’s not exactly a burning need.

  • Admin

    Hi Morgan, wait until March. Guess price will drop further, or at least remain at same level

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