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[Deal is over] It’s getting crazy: Canon EOS 5D Mark III for ridiculous $2.799 – Update 2

It's getting crazy: Canon EOS 5D Mark III for ridiculous $2.799

Update 2: it is really getting crazy. There is already another sale going on at eBay. Top rated seller getitdigital sells the EOS 5D Mark III body for $2999 (click here to see if sale is still active). Not a bargain as the original deal I featured here but still a good price for the EOS 5D Mark III. Limited quantity in stock.

Update: the sale is no longer available :(

Canon’s high profile DSLRs are getting cheaper and cheaper. Yesterday we reported that major seller have dropped the stock price of the EOS 5D Mark III. Since all major sellers dropped the price at more or less the same time, it could have been come directly from Canon.

Ok, top rated eBay seller datavis_sales has the Canon EOS 5D Mark III body for a crazy $2.799/€2.158 (click here to check if they still have it in stock). Won’t last for long, limited quantity.

  • David

    I think this is great, they kind of overpriced this at it’s release. Though some might say they got screwed because they bought at the higher price. But really to me it is Canon is starting to listen to it’s customers, and trying to compete against the cheaper competition. The new lower price might allow me to buy the 5DIII versus the 6D.

  • Bob B.

    Cano nhas a great way of making its customers feel special by selling the camera for $700 less after only a few months after release…(like me)….
    So special.

  • Admin

    Bob, this really sucks. Totally. I think Canon made a series of mistakes with the 5D3, not only when they launched it. I got particularly irritated yesterday when I saw that Canon announced a firmware update for the 5D3, which – surprise surprise – promises a feature (clean HDMI output) made available the day before with the Magic Lantern release for the EOS 5D Mrk III. I understand that installing a firmware replacement is not everyones thing, but it shows once more how much brands like Canon are artificially crippling down features. Would it have made such a big difference for Canon if they launched the 5D3 with clean HDMI output? Yeah, big difference for customers who were drawn back by $3500 for a great DSRL which could do much more, if only Canon wanted it to do. That’s why I like and always support projects like Magic Lantern. They show what our cams really can do.

    • Bob B.

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I mainly sold my 5DII and dropped the $3500 on the 5D3 because I shoot a LOT of HDR and the 5DII had only 3-shot bracket?????!!!!!!!! In 2011. A $2500 camera body with 3-shot bracket?????????????
      There is just NO excuse for that. My MFT cameras kicked it in the ass there. I was dragging a Promote around with me to get the camera to do what I wanted it to do…and it was so frustrating because the camera and the Promote were just IN THE WAY of me making images…I have enough to think about already and get in the flow without a camera that does not have $3 worth of software in it and now I had an added appendage attached to the camera.
      Even the 5D3 only brackets at 7 individual frames.??????? Canon…the camera costs $3500 (oh …apparently not any more)…why don’t you just allow 20 bracketed images and let the photographer decide how many he needs. This is an too to facilitate image making. I just don’t get it!!!!???????? (and don’t even get me started about illuminating the AF points).
      I do not shoot video…but I read about all of this and yes I sit back and see video guys have to be WAY more frustrated than me regarding what magic lantern can bring out of the camera. (I wish I had known about magic lantern before I sold my 5DII….I would not have had to sell it out of frustration. And thanks for supporting ML…those guys deserve all of the press that they can get!!!!!!!!!
      This price drop is so insulting…Canon should do something for the people who paid full price…a couple of hundred dollars is one things…but this is such a slap in the face to all who paid full price. Truly.
      Thanks for the feedback Frank.

      • Admin

        You’re right: bracketing range is another thing where Canon is totally disappointing. As was auto-ISO until a few DSLR generations ago. These things are so annoying because, as you said, they are implemented through software.

  • Mick

    Well Bob, don’t buy obviously overpriced items. ;) We all knew that the 5D3 was overpriced. This became even more obvious when looking at the superior Nikon D800 / D800E and it’s lower price tag.

    I’m still hanging on to my 5D2, and I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything.

    I.m.o, if all canonites would have taken the same smart approach as i did, the 5D3 would have been down at 2700 bucks in July. But of course some people just can’t keep their cool.

    You paid the overpriced / early adopter fee. Live with it.

    • Bob B.

      I expect the fee….just not $700 in so short a time. That is unusual.
      I just wish I had known about and understood Magic Lantern…I would still have my 5DII and have done and “up-yours” to Canon. Oh, well.

    • I completely agree with you Mick. Simply don’t buy an over-priced product. I still won’t touch a 5DMK3 until it drops to $2500.

      I bought my 5D2 a few months ago at $2000 and it’s already dropped $600 in some cases. I’m referring to a deal where a vendor was offering the 5DMK2 with a 24-105mm f4L lens for $2200!

      Am I upset? No! This is not a hobby for me. The camera is a tool that helps me make money and is an outlet for my creativity. I bought it for a price I thought reasonable and value. I don’t care about the value of it once I buy it as long as “I” am getting value out of it.

  • 422342

    thats only a fair price…. not ridiculous.

  • Shooter

    I’m personally happy of the price drops…I hope the new list price continues to drop and the deals continue to get even better. Imagine $2500 for the body only, $3200 for the kit or even $3600 for the kit + 600EX-RT + grip. Would you be surprised if random deals such as those popped up in the next 6-9 months?

  • One More Thought

    For those who bought the camera at a higher price…if this sale had not happened, would you be any happier? If this sale had not happened, you still would have paid the higher price for your camera.

    This sale didn’t cost you a dime; it just allowed some others to get a deal. I understand the psychological reaction, but you didn’t lose a thing; the only other option would have been for there to be no sale, and you still would have paid the same price.

    Now what Canon should have done is price the unit more competitively from the beginning…but for those who bought at a higher price, you made the decision…you can’t really complain.

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