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Canon EOS-1S High Megapixel DSLR Tidbits, Prototypes Out In The Wild?

Canon EOS-1S High Megapixel DSLR

The Canon EOS-1S high megapixel DSLR may have the body of the EOS-1D X

Rumors about the Canon EOS-1S high megapixel DSLR are getting stronger. More information is leaking and confirms the previous tidbits. We can be confident that something regarding a high megapixel DSLR (46MP are rumored) will actually happen. However, the new information are stating that if Canon announces the high megapixel DSLR (supposedly named EOS-1S) in 2012 it will be just a development announcement, and not an announcement of imminent release. Other Canon gear has been announced years before being released. The good news: It should be rather sure that Canon is testing prototypes.

The  Canon EOS-1S high megapixel DSLR is said to have the same housing of the EOS-1D X, 10fps and 46 MP. It is also said that the EOS-1S will employ a new sensor technology that delivers unseen low ISO performance. And a seldom seen price tag too: it’s said to get over the counter for $9000. That’s all we know so far. I wouldn’t bet on the name, it is not the first to be suggested (3D and 4D and 1D-S were rumored). However, suggestions that it will be a “D”-less name are getting louder. So let’s call it EOS-1S for the time being. A last word about the new sensor technology: It has been suggested that Canon could introduce a new DSLR category with the Canon EOS-1S high megapixel DSLR.

It’s time that Canon comes back with some exciting technological break-through. A 46MP monster by Canon has to be a killer DSLR. We will see…

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  • DCL-R

    It sure has unseen performance, 9K LOL! stitch two frames with d800 and buy 7 lenses, 46 my ass (donkey)

  • BigP

    9000$ is a nice price + will definitely need extra new lens that depicted many Mpxi.

  • Will be exciting to see for sure, but is it too little too late at too high a price? I’ve already switched back to Nikon, and am now using a pair of D800’s for nearly everything.

  • Classsi

    same shitty sensor tech with the 7D pixel pitch….

  • Anonymous

    Word is Nikon’s, or rather Sony’s sensor tech caught Canon off guard. Canon’s high resolution, high dynamic range sensor design is not ready for prime time. It is producing low yields and they can’t compete with Nikon/Sony technology on the same playing field. That’s why you won’t see a D800 competitor any time soon. Because Canon needs to have a presence in the high end market, they chose to push the low yield design into $9k 1 series body. While this will save face and buy some time, many Canon users will still defect to Nikon.

  • I have stopped at least for the moment purchasing the Nikon 800 in the hope that the rumors I have been reading about the 46 megapixel are true. Canon’s priority should now be to get this camera to the stores pronto and not to go dragging their feet on it..Announcing this camera next week is not enough. Nikon are already one step ahead and speaking for myself, I am prepared to wait until the end of January.The option is clear. Right now I can walk into any store and buy a Nikon 800 for $3000.

  • Jim Goh

    I was full of hope that the 6D might retire my 7D but no, I don’t think so; because Canon had forgotten to include a build-in flash to control the external flash. So, I’ll hold on the my beloved 7D (besides the 7D has a superior AF modules with it’s 19 AF points compare to the 6D’s 11 AF points with it’s meager center cross AF point!).

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