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New Rumor Suggests EOS-1S Is The Name Of Canon’s Big Megapixel DSLR

EOS-1S is the name of Canon's big megapixel DSLR

More news about Canon’s rumored high megapixel DSLR. Most of us are quite confident that Canon will announce a high resolution DSLR by the end of October. While the few rumored specs didn’t change so far, there a new tidbits about naming and price. EOS 3D has been around for a while, now there are rumors that suggests an abandon of the “D” in the naming scheme. A new rumor suggests EOS-1S is the name of Canon’s big megapixel DSLR. The other news concerns the price, which is said to be around $9000. Looks more like a new category of DSLR than a competitor to other DSLRs.

Moreover, it’s speculated that new technology will employed for the first time in the EOS-1S. This new tech should give a superior low ISO performance of the sensor. It is still said that the new big megapixel (46 are rumored) will have the same housing as the EOS-1D X, although this will hardly be a firmware-hattrick as with the EOS-1D C.

After EOS 3D and 4D, EOS 1D-S, now I am very curios to know if EOS-1S is the name of Canon’s big megapixel DSLR. At least it sounds credible.

[via CR]
  • reth bht

    Si it will have logarithmic response? That would be cool, (if its real) But Next year when it will be released, Nikon will have d4x with 54mp and it will cost less than Canons high res camera, d800 will cost even less than today..

  • One More Thought

    Canon seems almost caught in a funk right now; unsure of what to do. They’ve gotten outflanked by Nikon in 2 key releases: the 5d3 by the D800/e; and the 6D by the D600. Heck, some are even rating the D600 to be superior to the 5d3 in key areas.

    Their EOS M shows promise but falls short in key areas, according to early reaction.

    Canon needs to do what got them to where they are: be bold, be imaginative, take some risks. They did that when they created their EOS system…they did that with the original 5d, they did that with the 5d2. So why are they now just coasting along?

  • reth bht

    5D3 vs 6D, 5d3 is still the best low light camera, but Nikon has good value for bucks. Anyhow 36 or 70mp it is too much for current lens line up, Zeiss will produce some lenses next September which will suite well for high resolution cameras, 24mp is sweet spot, next stop should be more than 50, and you need some serious image stabilization or what’s the point. We need to wait 5d3 to sell out than new high resolution camera can come. Thats how canon rolls

    • Leica Boy

      no, no MP number is too much for a sensor.

      do some research on that topic from scientists.. not internet wannabe experts.

      you sure will get dismishing returns from higher MP sensors and todays lenses.. but higher MP sensors will always yield a better resolution.

      at some point it´s so less that it´s not wort taklking about it.
      but it will not be worse with higher megapixel numbers, and that´s the important point.

      a english professor has shown that the average nikon or canon lens will have better performance (meassurable) until 50-70 MP.

      you can´t even argue with the airy disc size (diffraction) because the normal airy disc example (airy disk the size of a pixel) is the worst case scenario.

      for a real experiement you have to take overlapping airy discs into account.

      and then you will have better performance even when the (wrong) logic seems to tell you that you cant reach a higher resolution because of diffraction and pixel / airy disc size.

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