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Canon EOS 650/T4i Got DXOMarked (and falls behind the EOS 600D/T3i)

Canon EOS 650DT4i got DXOMarked

The Canon EOS 650/T4i got DXOMarked and now we have the rather unsatisfying result. Whatever you might think about DXO Marks they are here and we have to take it in account. Sure, it’s a purely engineering measure and it doesn’t tell the whole story. But they are an indicator for the sensor, its performance and properties. Not only the Rebel T4i/650D falls behind the Rebel T3i/600D, the previous iteration of the series, but it falls very short also when measured against its competitors (Nikon D3200 (click here for specs) and Sony SLT-A65 (click here for specs)). The DXOMark of the EOS 650D/Rebel T4i is 62, the 600D/T3i has 64.

I was surprised to read what DXOMark says about the the auto-focus of the EOS 650D/Rebel T4i: “innovative, quick, quiet, and powerful hybridized autofocus. In video mode, the autofocus operates continuously and takes full advantage of the emerging new line of lenses equipped with Stepping Motor (STM) technology“. This sounds good, especcially after the very critic review of the EOS M made by Engadget. Both cameras mount the same, hybrid sensor with dedicated photosites for auto-focus.

Don’t get too much impressed with these scores. Sure, they have something to say. But a feature-packed modern DSLR like the EOS 650D has much more to offer.

EOS 650D/Rebel T4i price check: Amazon, B&H Photo, Digitalrev, eBay, Adorama, Canon USA [via DXOMark]

  • Nawaf

    I’m not surprised by this. It’s the same lame sensor with additional stuff on it.

  • sean

    DXO is full of SH*T. Same sensor, different results… 5D3 got a terrible score on High ISO compared to Nikon D800 despite the fact it’s at least one stop better.

    Let us all ignore this scam of a website and render it pointless once and for all.

    • Dimitrii1130

      it is not the same sensor… 650D has phase detection on the senor. so it makes sense, that it is not as good as the senor without phase detection. but i expected that a new developed senor is much better than the old^^ maybe canon should use sony’s senors and not a 3year old in every aps-c cam..

    • jake

      yeah agree , think about it they say that Nikon D800 crap(I had it)is better than the IQ180 PhaseOne, isn’t it ridiculous?

  • Bob B.

    DXO results always seem to be all over the place and not in agreement with many other sources!?!?

  • jake

    oh and don’t forget the biggest sponsor of DXO is Nikon.

  • ssrdd

    canon should come out if its old sensor design [same 18mp in every new camera, like new shirt].

  • Classsi

    there is nothing more important then good image quality…..

    features are for geeks…. ansel adams needed no GPS or wifi or touchscreen.

    • Pei

      He also don’t need air now. You wanna follow him?

  • Jensen

    I love my 650D for it’s performance … Don’t give a shit what some DXO (or whatever) states…

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