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Latest Canon EOS 7D Mark II Rumor Suggests 25Mp and Announcement January 2013 (with EOS 700D, and no 70D)


The latest Canon EOS 7D Mark II rumor says Canon will announce the camera in January 2013 (before CP+, possibly during PMA). The Canon EOS 7D Mark II might be announced along with the EOS 700D, and there should not be an EOS 70D for some time. Instead of the EOS 70D, the EOS 7D with a reduced price tag will target the market share of the EOS 60D.

Regarding the (rumored) specs of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II: 10fps and a sensor with no more than 25MP.

It's also said that Canon is leaking false rumors to track leaks. :-)

[via NL]


  • WT21

    So completely not interested in a mirror-slapping, high megapixel APS-C sensor-ed camera.

    • Classsi

      then shut up…. idiot

    • tamas

      I cant wait fot the 7dmk2 or the 70d announcement. I just bought a 650d till the new processor arrives into the 7d.

  • B

    Been waiting for the 70D so long, damn Canon.

  • Classsi

    the 650D was just released.. so no way there will be a 700D in january.

    use your brain!

    • WT21

      Ooooh, aren’t we an angry person.

      • Michael

        Let’s be serious here, the Canon 650D was released in the summer. The 700D will either be released in the late spring, summer, or early fall. Canon has been releasing an entry level DSLR every year for some time now…

  • Rajesh

    WTF!!!I waited for this 7D MK II until few weeks back & bought the 7D on last week now..why canon rumors giving trouble like this??too bad really and they informed that price for 7D also will reduce..i worried!!!

  • iCarper

    Don’t panic!! Just because Canon ‘might’ bring out new hardware doesn’t make your existing kit crap overnight!! Concentrate on ‘you’ as the photographer as that’s where good pictures come from not just the camera you’re holding.

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