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More Fun With Canon’s 50mm f/1L USM Lens

I featured the rare Canon 50mm f/1L lens in the past. Now, photographer Jim Goldstein has more to tell and show about this lens.

As of late I’ve been having fun with the 50mm focal length and I’ve been going out of my way to experiment with it. In the process I’ve rediscovered making use of much shallower depth of field in my images. […] Breaking out of my deep depth of field rut I’ve become increasingly fascinated with learning about the varying qualities of bokeh and it’s led me to purchase a rather rare lens, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.0L USM. I have to admit this particular lens has two qualities that piqued my interest: 1. The extreme bokeh created by the ultra-shallow depth of field it is subject to and 2. It’s ability to gather more light for faster shutter speeds in low light situations (ideal for night photography).

There are plenty of sample pics to study. The lens is rather difficult to find. If you’re able to find one be prepared to pay $3000 or more.

More Fun With Canon's 50mm f/1L USM Lens


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