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New Camera Databases (for specs, comparisons, etc)

New Camera Databases

There are new camera databases for you to check, and obviously to use. You may find it useful to learn more about existent cameras and lenses: Easily find sensor size, pixel pitch and other important sensor characteristics for 3284 digital cameras. Full specs of all mirrorless cameras and lenses.
Lesnumeriques: A french camera studio image comparison.
Google docs file: Mirrorless Camera Native Lenses

[via mirrorlessrumors]
  • Dan

    It’s not nearly as exhaustive of a list but the website has a shopping tool that basically shows every new camera in most camera categories and gives some specs and a quick review of the camera. It’s better for realistic comparison of cameras before you buy or just to see what new cameras are available in a certain camera segment. There are alot of DSLR shoppers that are unaware of the Sony A77 for example.

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