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New Canon DPP 4.0 And EOS Utility Officially Announced (available June 26)

The new Canon DPP 4.0

Canon Japan announced that Canon’s new photo software DPP 4.0 and an also new version of EOS Utility will be available for download starting June 26. The update is free, and according to Canon it is s “significant update”.

Machine translated text of the press release after the break.

[via DCI]

Key Features

“DPP 4.0” is the editing software of RAW image that has been developed to a high amateur and professional photographic expression seek full-fledged. In addition to the improvement of traditional features, such as to increase the adjustment range of the highlight / shadow, It is equipped with new features such as specific color gamut adjustment, along with the strengthening of basic functions, etc. review fully graphical user interface (GUI) , operation and convenience in editing has been improved dramatically. By contributing to the work efficiency of photographers to edit highly large number of images, you can achieve at a higher level, which is the basic concept of the interchangeable lens camera EOS series “fast, comfort and quality.”

Equipped with new features in addition to strengthening traditional function “DPP 4.0”

In addition to strengthening the traditional function, the function that enables the tone to be analyzed automatically histogram showing the balance and color adjustment in the color gamut of eight specific, light and dark portions of the image (such as brightness) adjustment, the more free image adjustment I is equipped with a new. In addition, and also makes it possible to display at one time also a thumbnail image of a large amount of about one million copies, and put a rating function and select comparison also displayed in the preview screen, we have simplified the image selection and editing work.

To enable the improvement of work efficiency by strengthening cooperation with the “DPP 4.0” “The EU 3.0”

“EU” is a software to connect the camera to your PC WFT USB, or do image transfer and shooting of the camera, the operation of the remote shooting from the computer. And has realized the seamless workflow has strengthened cooperation with the “DPP 4.0”, select a better image with the help of “select comparison display” function that re-shoot to tweak the settings.

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