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The next Canon Mirrorless camera is the EOS M20, to be announced July 20/21?

The Next Canon Mirrorless Camera Is The EOS M20, To Be Announced July 20/21?
Canon EOS M10, to be replaced soon by the EOS M20?

I have been told (thanks) that the replacement for the Canon EOS M10 will be the Canon EOS M20.

An upcoming, new Canon mirrorless camera has already to some degree leaked. We know about unreleased Canon gear that has been registered at certification authority. Among these is the Canon EOS 6D Mark II (so we think), the Rebel SL2, and a new, supposedly entry-level MILC that we think may be the replacement for the EOS M10. We were told it will the Canon EOS M20.

It’s rather plausible that Canon will go on with their entry-level mirrorless line-up (though someone may object that all Canon MILCs are entry-level). Beside the suggestion about the moniker, we can be sure that there will be a replacement for the EOS M10.

July 20 or 21 has been suggested to us as the day when Canon will announce the EOS 6D Mark II, the Rebel SL2, and the EOS M20.

However, take it with a grain of salt, especially the moniker M20. This rumor comes from a new source.

Stay tuned.

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