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No new Canon gear in 2017 (most likely)

Canon Rumors

No new Canon gear is set to be announced by the Japanese company in 2017. At least this is what a rumor suggests.

The two lenses that recently leaked through a certification authority are most likely to get announced in 2018, either for CES in January or CP+ in February.

  • Tech Addict

    Lol there are only 2 months left in the year.

    • Robert Robinson

      I was thinking the same thing. The year is like almost over.

  • Aw shucks

  • Stefan Dsc

    I can only hope that a 90D will be released soon enough. I want to replace my 70D, and the Nikon d7200 I got as replacement is quite terrible (in bad sense) to use, even though it has a better sensor. I just don’t like it, the menus are a total mess, focusing system feels archaic etc. But it is a better camera, even compared to 80D.
    Canon, make the 90D’s sensor at least equal to the d7200’s and I’ll be yours again!
    PS: I won’t sell all my canon lenses yet, and if the d7200 doesn’t get me, then 80D it is!
    PS PS: I’ve been thinking about Olympus OM-D M1 MKII quite alot lately…

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