Upcoming High Resolution Canon EOS R Might Have Up to 80MP

Canon Eos R

We have been told (thanks) that the upcoming high resolution Canon EOS R camera might have a resolution of 80MP.

We are not sure what to think about this, for the time being. The last rumor we got about the high res EOS R body, was that it will have resolution that’s higher than the new Sony a7R IV (having 61MP).

The rumored resolution for this EOS R body has always been something around 75MP. A resolution of 80MP is new to us. However, it’s possible. Canon for sure has the know how and the manufacturing facilities to make such a sensor. Moreover, it seems quite clear that Canon wants to regain the crown of full frame sensor resolution.

As you probably know, we think that Canon will not release a new iteration of the EOS 5Ds/EOS 5Ds R. Instead, most likely, Canon will release a mirrorless version to replace these cameras. Given that the EOS 5Ds/EOS 5Ds R have a resolution of 50MP, and given the fact they were released in 2015, a jump to 80MP doesn’t seem that much a stretch. And it’s just 5MP more than the so far rumored resolution. Finally, we have reasons to believe the upcoming high res EOS R has already undergone field testing.

What do you think? Stay tuned…

Here Are 12 Common Photography Myths, Debunked


Tony & Chelsea Northrup try to debunk 12 common photography myths in the 30 minutes video below.

The discussed photography myths are:

  1. Should you fully discharge your battery to avoid a memory effect?
  2. Will deleting pictures in-camera corrupt your SD card?
  3. Do UV filters really improve image quality?
  4. Do higher megapixels really equal more noise?
  5. Do medium format cameras really have better “compression”?
  6. Is raw processing really better on your PC than in your camera?
  7. Can you edit JPGs?
  8. Do you really need to turn off image stabilization on a tripod?
  9. Are lenses really sharpest at the f/8 “sweet spot”?
  10. Is manual focus more accurate?
  11. Does Canon really have the best color science?
  12. Are memory card failures caused by bad brands or user error?

Canon having the best color science isn’t a myth, btw :-)

Canon Patent For 20mm f/1.4 and 12-24mm f/4.3-5.6 Lenses For EF Mount

Canon Patent

Hi Lows Note spotted a Canon patent application (2019-128526, Japan) describing optical formulas for a 20mm f/1.4 and a 12-24mm f/4.3-5.6 lens, both for the Canon EF mount.

20mm f/1.4 lens:

  • Focal length: 20.50 mm
  • FNo.: 1.44
  • ω: 46.54
  • Image height: 21.64 mm
  • Lens length: 134.70 mm
  • Back focus: 36.81 mm

12-24mm f/4.3-5.6 lens:

  • Focal length: 12.40 – 18.00 – 23.64 mm
  • FNo.: 4.35 – 4.96 – 5.60
  • ω: 60.18 – 50.25 – 42.47
  • Image height: 21.64 mm
  • Lens length: 142.18 – 132.82 – 131.14 mm
  • Back focus: 36.14 – 44.23 – 52.29 mm

More Canon patent applications are listed here. Some particularly interesting patent applications we think might get into production are these:

Leaked Certification Data Suggests A New Canon Rebel Or Entry Level EOS M Are Coming

Canon Rumors Eos R Full Frame Mirrorless Eos M

As we wrote after yesterday’s updated list of yet unreleased Canon gear, it appears a Canon Rebel DSLR or a EOS M50/M100 replacement might be on its way. The leaked certification data refers to the LP-E12 battery, which is used by these cameras (and some PowerShots).

We do not yet know if the Canon Rebel or entry-level EOS M camera will be announced along with tthe Canon EOS 90D and possibly a new EOS M5/M6 camera around August 28th, but it is possible. So, can we expect a new Canon Rebel or entry level EOS M camera. Definitely, as we know after yesterday’s leaked intel. Some new EF-M lenses might also be announced.

Stay tuned.

Latest List Of Unreleased Canon Gear From Certification Authorities

Canon Eos 80d

Nokishita updated the list if yet unreleased Canon gear, assembled with data leaked from certification authorities.

Here is the list with our thoughts emphasised:

  • DS126801 [this likely is the Canon EOS 90D]
    • Digital camera
    • Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1
    • Battery: LP-E6 / LP-E6N (7.2V 1800mAh)
    • SKU: 3616C003AA, 3616C010AA, 3616C017AA
  • PC2358 [the LP-E17 battery is used in the EOS M5/M6 – this might be the replacement for one of these]
    • Digital camera
    • Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1
    • Battery: LP-E17 (7.5 Wh)
  • PC2367 [the LP-E12 battery is used in the EOS M50/M100, the SLx, and some PowerShots – this one is either a replacement for the EOS M50/100, a new Powershot, or a new entry-level DSLR]
    • Digital camera
    • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 loading
    • Battery: LP-E12 (7.2 V 875 mAh)
  • Interchangeable lens SKUs [could be new lenses for the EOS M system but we are no sure about this]:
    • 3450 C005 AA
    • 3680 C 005 AA
    • 3792 C 005 AA

Stay tuned…

Nikon Might Have A Z Series Mirrorless Camera with APS-C Sensor Up Their Sleeve, Patent


It seems Nikon is working on a Z series mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor.

That’s what a Nikon patent application suggests. Patent application  2018-15571 discusses such a camera. The camera depicted in the patent literature seems to have no EVF (Electronic View Finder).

We are a bit puzzled. After the release of the Canon EOS R, there have been some weird rumors Canon could release an EOS R model with an APS-C sensor, which we deem to be utterly unlikely. However, if Nikon is set to release a Z series mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor we can’t exclude Canon will do the same. There is however one big difference between the two manufacturer: Canon has a very successful APS-C mirrorless camera lineup with the EOS M, Nikon does not.

[via via https://chizai-watch.com/d/1635488 via Mirrorless Rumors]