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Pictures of Shanghai Canon 5D Mark 3 Event Posters leaked!!

An anonymous reader (thank you!) just sent me a link to a page (click here to see it Google-translated) showing pics of posters for the Canon Conference to be hold tomorrow in Shanghai.

The pics report clearly a EOS 5D Mark III logo.

What about this?

I think there are no more doubts: the Canon EOS 5D Mark III will be announced tomorrow.
Get ready! :-)

  • nt1

    Beautiful pictures, can’t wait to put my hands on a 5dm3.

  • JB

    I wish I were still in Shanghai. Can’t wait to play with a Canon 5D Mark III… the 5DII would be perfect for me if it had 2-4 more fps, modern autofocus and better 6400 ISO, that’s all I need.

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