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Rumor: No Retro Design Nor Full-Frame Mirrorless for Canon

Full-Frame Mirrorles

One of my known sources, when asked about Canon’s plans for the near future, told me that Canon will not embrace the retro design for their DSLRs and mirrorless cameras any time soon. Stuff like the Nikon DF or a nostalgic looking mirrorless camera are not part of the company’s strategic plans. Moreover, it appears that Canon does not have a full-frame mirrorless camera on the horizon, at least not for the next year(s).

Canon’s focus for the immediate future seems to be on lenses, and not (or at least much less) on projects involving cameras having a retro look (and unfortunately, if true, neither on a FF mirrorless cam). There have been rumors suggesting an increased effort in lens design and production.

Canon is making solid performing cameras. While other, like Sony, push hard on innovation without being really able to deliver a base for a consistent system (read: lenses), Canon appears to follow a more conservative approach. Their DSLRs are reliable gear (a friend of mine said “unimpressive but reliable” :-) ), and as a Canon photographer you have access to over 100 lenses, among them there is some really awesome glass. Not jumping on the retro-style bandwagon seems to be in line with this philosophy. As for the mirrorless segment, Canon never made a big mystery about the fact they do not consider MILCs as strategic factor (marketing-wise). Making an outstanding full-frame mirrorless camera (or an APS-C MILC) would probably erode the DSLR sales figure, and we know that Canon is big in DSLR sales.

As usual with rumors like this one, take anything with a grain of salt. While I have no problems figuring out that Canon won’t embrace the retro design, I am a bit more sceptical about the full-frame mirrorless camera. Everything in the EOS M system could work with a FF sensor, and if  Canon decides to make an outstanding FF MILC it would be a bestseller.

Have a great day!

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