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Rumor: Canon Prototyping Different Sensors for the EOS 7D Mark II (24MP, 61 points AF)

EOS 7D Mark II

Fake EOS 7D Mark II (mock-up)


I got word that Canon is testing two different sensor configurations for the upcoming EOS 7D Mark II. As previously murmured there is a 20MP sensor as a possible candidate, and also a 24MP sensor that is undergoing field testing. Both sensors have the Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology Canon introduced with the Canon EOS 70D. The source said that Canon wants to step up resolution for the 7D Mark II to distinguish it from the feature-rich EOS 70D, but that low light/high ISO performance is a priority. This spec list was given to me:

  • ~24MP sensor with Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Auto-Focus system similar to the EOS 5D Mark III (61 points), possibly the same as 5D3
  • High frame rate, 10-12 fps
  • “high grade” weather sealing, like Canon’s professional DSLRs
  • Dual Digic V+ processor
  • Single card slot
  • WiFi & GPS
  • Innovative video features
  • Price around $2000
  • Very good ISO performance

As for the last point of the list above, the ISO performance: I heard from different sources that ISO performance is a priority issue for Canon, and that they aim to make an APS-C DSLR that sets a new quality standard in the industry. ISO performance on the 7D Mark II could thus be on the same level as Canon’s full-frame DSLRs. And it is not the first time that a 24MP sensor is rumored. As mentioned earlier, the EOS 7D Mark II will not be released in 2013, one of the reasons being that Canon wants to see how well the EOS 70D will get accepted by the market.

All this is very interesting. The EOS 70D is Canon’s new APS-C flagship, a camera with features that easily surpass the previous flagship, the EOS 7D. If Canon aims to establish the EOS 7D Mark II as the new APC-S flagship, then they will have to pack features in it, features that change things in real world. As much as we always have to take rumors with a grain of salt, the spec list above makes sense to me. I think Canon can not avoid to pack a higher resolution sensor in the EOS 7D Mark II if they want to establish it in its own category. A more sophisticated AF system, weather sealing, high fps, and WiFi and/or GPS functionality are all more than welcome, but without a new sensor a lot of people might question if they should go for a 7D2 instead of the 70D.


  • Eric

    Single card slot, what a joke

    • Bob Howland

      I agree. Two card slots of the same type, preferably CF cards like the 1Dx, would separate it from the 70D.

    • d00d00

      If a single fast card can keep up with it’s burst rate, who cares that it doesn’t have two slots? A 2nd slot isn’t needed.

  • Tags

    Single card slot. Wow. Canon should have put 2 slots in the 7d and the 70d, these are very helpful to event shooters and really differentiate a camera that I trust to do the job. I have had card failures before. I won’t shoot gigs anymore without 2 slots and canon forcing us into the overpriced 5d3 just to get 2 slots is truly a disappointment. Would love a crop camera as a second body for weddings with TWO SLOTS! Add an extra 20 dollars to the price, whatever a card slot costs. I won’t dual wield 5d3 at weddings so you can either get my money or you won’t.

    • d00d00

      We’ve shot for years professionally with only one slot. Dual slots, when it was introduced was for speed, when cards were still too slow. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket and use multiple cards. Also if you are a pro, don’t you have an assistant/runner that also backs the cards up to a laptop during events/weddings?

      Crying over a single slot is not needed. It’s a luxury and not a deal breaker.

      • Bob Howland

        The “assistant” is usually busy being a second shooter. Sorry, but I think you’re going to lose this debate.

        • d00d00

          How many wedding photogs are shooting 5D2’s with a single slot? Quite a few. Most real wedding photogs are shooting a couple weddings a week for $4k a pop, before print sales. They often have a 2nd shooter and an assistant. The assistant runs cards and helps with lighting etc… 2nd shooter just shoots.

          Measurebation is a bad disease, get out and shoot!

  • kmart

    Only 24MP and 10-12fps? What a joke. The Sony A77 already has 24MP and can do 12fps, Canon needs to do something better then this to catch up to Sony in this regard. The upcoming A77 replacement the A79 will have 480 AF points, the 7D MII only 61 AF points??? Priced at $2000, wtf. Come on Canon you can do better than this, you are falling behind the competition.

    • Neil

      A77 however ( just like all Sony Alphas ) can only manage 10-12 fps for 1 second & then the buffer is full. It also has an EVF which isn’t that great either- the 7D can manage several seconds of shooting before the buffer is full & has a pentaprism view finder; your argument is rather weak…

  • 624cfce434

    here’s a question. why not buy a ff mirrorless camera? by the time the 7d2 rolls out there certainly will be one or two.

    they will shoot 10-12 fps, have a great sensor (possibly better, w/o an aa filter), be weather sealed, allow for interchangeable lenses, and have great af.

    and they won’t make a racket when you use them because there’s no mirror flapping around. they won’t weigh a ton. they might even come in cheaper.

    if you don’t want the larger body go with a aps-c model.

    canon continues to ignore the mirrorless market and the world continues to march on.

  • Eric

    I just know that Nikon D7100 has two slots, but Canon cannot even do that in 70D. LOL

  • Steve

    I hope the ISO improvement is based on RAW, not JPEG. Otherwise I don’t consider it an upgrade.

  • derek

    I am sure from what I ‘ve known from an inside-Canon guy the 7Dmk2 will get more than 61 AF sensors and all of which will be cross type sensors.
    And there is AA filter inside because Canon cares video aspect of camera more seriously than Nikon or sony.

  • Michael

    Looks pretty sweet to me.

  • Am I the only one who finds the price tag of $2000 a bit high? I mean the current 7D sells for $500 less and aside from the usual upgrades in terms of processor/megapixels/AF etc., which are to be expected, it doesn’t seem to be a revolutionarily different camera than the current 7D, thus not really justifying such a price increase. Furthermore (and possibly more importantly), it would make it roughly the same price as the full-frame 6D. Or am I missing something?

  • Judy

    I might be interested if the noise is drastically improved and I can replace my 5D II with it as well as my 7D. But I might buy a 70D first, depends on how good the noise is compared to both my cameras. From what I saw already it is not as good as the Mk II but better than the 7D.

    • mrtrik71

      i agree that,if the 7DII,has much much much less noise then i would buy one only if the noise reduction equals or betters the 6d or 5dIII the current 7d is sweet but tooo much noise

  • Nick

    I just pray that the 7D II has the Vari-Angle LCD. I shoot a 60D right now and I use that feature SO much that I opted not to buy the 5D III (and then the 6D) when they became available, solely because they didn’t have the Vari-Angle LCD – it’s THAT important to me. (Pre-launch buzz said that both cameras would likely have the Vari-Angle LCD, and neither one did). After a couple of wonderful years with my 60D, I’m ready to move up. A full-frame rig would be ideal, but it’s going to be several more years before we see redesigned 5D and 6D models, so I’m pinning my hopes on the next version of the 7D. I can obviously upgrade to the 70D right now – and it would be an UPGRADE for me, considering that it offers full-time AF (that really works) in video mode, 7 FPS for action, improved 19-point AF, expanded ISO range, touchscreen, etc. But the 70D seems like it will be the replacement for the 60D. It certainly has some desirable new features, but doesn’t really represent a big leap forward for me in terms of image quality, low-light performance, etc. If I move up, I’d like to make a significant jump. I just don’t understand Canon’s resistance to putting the Vari-Angle LCD on recent redesigns of their high-end DSLRs, when they have included it on every other DSLR they’ve rolled out in the past few years (the T3i, T4i, T5i, 60D and now the 70D). I’m so hoping this makes its way into the 7D II. All of the other rumored specs for the 7D II sound great (AF system from the 5D III, a possible 24 MP dual pixel sensor, twin image processors, possibly 12 FPS, etc.). If the 7D II also had Vari-Angle, I know that’s an upgrade I would happily make, and a camera that I could enjoy for several years. Fingers (nervously) crossed…

    • David

      You said exactly what I have been thinking for some months now. I am praying the 7d mkII has the vari-angle screen. I love my 60d, but I am ready for the next step, but I’m NOT giving up the vari-angle. It’s done more for my creativity than any button or feature ever has.

  • There are 2 main things I’m looking for on the 7D MKII which will determine whether or not I will purchase it. First, and foremost, is an improvement on file noise. The 7D simply does not produce clean files at anything over ISO 1600, and that is putting it nicely (actually, I think ISO 800 is not that great). Second, the camera must improve significantly on its focusing system. If Canon goes with something that is the equivalent of the 5D MKIII’s focusing system then this will be a great camera. Anything less will make it DOA for me.

    Don’t hold your breath on the vari-angle screen. I would love to have it too but I don’t see Canon going that direction with this camera (but I hope I’m wrong).

    Also, the $2K price point, if correct, really isn’t hard to fathom. That’s only about $300 more than where the 7D debuted when it was released nearly 4 years ago.

  • If the ISO are as good as the canon 5d mark III, I am contented and 18MP sensor is more than enough. The rest does not interest me …

  • anon

    it won’t have a vari-angle lcd because they don’t lend themselves to weather sealing. i also love the vari-angle lcd of the 60d -100% agree that it’s an awesome feature. i was frankly suprised that the 6d didn’t have one, but i guess canon figures at a certain price point that potential buyers would prefer weather sealing over the vari-angle. you win some you lose some i guess…

    as far as the 7d mkii and the high price point, i expect it will be closer to $1800 in a short amount of time. it’s a steep price for aps-c, true, but it’s also one of the most kick a$$ aps-c bodies out there. i would be suprised, shocked even, if there weren’t two card slots on it. the 7d & 7d mkii are pro, aps-c speed demons, they require dual slots imo.

    i suspect slight upgrades in af, sensor noise/iso performance, and speed. i wouldnt be suprised to find the wifi/gps combo either, though i could live without the gps. it’s certainly a niche camera, though plenty of enthusiasts with deep pockets are sure to jump on it too.

  • A 1.3 sensor would be awesome in the 7d mkII ;)

  • newsshooter

    As a news photographer two slots makes sense only because I would like to throw my wifi card in an SD slot. The other thing I want with this new camera is Al servo video shooting. Hell the 70D has it.

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