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[Rumor] First EOS 1D-X Bodies Shipping Next Week (Limited Quantity – According To Engadget)

This news comes from engadget.

[…] The latest details suggest that the flagship shooter [i.e. the 1D-X] should be hitting stores on June 20th, along with a clutch of accessories. […] CNET reports that a US representative for the firm told them that, while stocks will be available, they’d initially be in limited supply. Full stocks, however, should be here in time for […] Olympics.

For the time being the EOS 1D-X can be pre-ordered at Adorama (click here)B&H (click here)Amazon US (click here).

  • Lee draycott

    Just like to say I have just got confirmation that my 1dx has just been dispatched to me by fed ex I have been totally distraught because one of the managers from calumet got me to pay in full on Wednesday with the promise I would get my camera today, but having the confirmation from fed ex has totally relieved me after reading all the doom and gloom on the forums about canon delaying untill September so once again just to confirm my canon 1 dx will be with me in the morning!!!

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