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[Rumor] EOS 70D Will Be Top Of APS-C Line-Up, EOS 7D Mark II Will Be Entry Level Full-Frame

Got two new, hot rumors. From reliable sources (can’t name them, can just confirm they are indeed reliable) is told that the EOS 70D (expected in September for Photokina) will move upmarket regarding features (note: I got a similar rumor at the end of May, but it was about the 7D2). Following the rumor, the EOS 70D should replace both the EOS 7D and the EOS 60D, becoming the top model of Canon’s APS-C line-up. An EOS 70D with more pro features, better construction and increased performance. That would mean that Canon is putting the x0D line-up under a new light, after having split the line with the 60D (which wasn’t really the follower of the EOS 50D) and the 7D (which, in some sense, took the X0D heritage).

But it’s getting even hotter. :-) The EOS 7D Mark II (also expected for Photokina) is said (by my source) to be Canon’s rumoured entry-level full-frame camera!! It may sound somewhat strange that the next iteration of the 7D line will change the sensor type (bigger), but it is not entirely in the domain of absurdities. On the other hand, the [shoplink 2431]5D series[/shoplink] has always been Canon’s full-frame line. If the 7D Mark II will be a FF camera, that would mean that Canon is introducing a new FF line-up, or that the 7D2 will be aggregated to the 5D line (sounds a little weird). Whatever, we only can wait, and conjecture. :-)

Have a nice day (or night), wherever you are.

EOS 7D price check: [shopcountry 337] EOS 60D price check: [shopcountry 335] EOS 50D price check: [shopcountry 1286] EOS 5D Mark III price check: [shopcountry 2431]

  • WT21

    I don’t want a big body FF, though. If it’s not 60D sized or smaller, than I’m not interested.

    • janH

      who cares what you want?

      • WT21

        I do.

        Who cares what you think?

        • Andrew

          I do

    • William

      The full frame bodies are not that big unless you’re talking the 1D lineage, the sensor is larger the body has to be bigger – period. If you want crop body size, stick to crop bodies, even the 7D is larger than the 60D.

  • iP337

    I knew it! lol

    Here’s what I expect/wish for the Canon 2012 lineup

    *$500 range: A pocketable 18mp APS-C Mirrorless with 40/2.8 STM and PDAF to replace the 1100D and to compete with NEX and Fuji cameras. (Entry level Mirrorless?)
    $900 range: The 650D
    *$1300 range: A 22mp APS-C with improved morie and aliasing in 7D like body and feature set. (70D?)
    $1600 range: The 7D, with added 650D PDAF & noise performance via firmware update or Magic Lantern support :-D
    $2000 range: The 5D mark II
    *$2500 range: A retro rangefinder style 22mp “Photo Full Frame” mirrorless with 650D like features (Entry level FF?)
    *$3000 range: High Mp “Full Frame” with a 22Mp (or 18Mp) APS-C crop mode in a 5Dmk3 body & features. (7D mkII?)
    $3500 range: The 5D mark III
    $7000 range: I don’t care…

    • Likey

      I rather purchase the Mark 5D anywhere over $ 1500up.

  • janH

    well if canon introduces a new entry level FF camera it HAS to craete a new line or not?

    they can not name the new camera 5D 1/2… right?

    so 7D for a entry level FF makes absolute sense to me.

    the naming of the current 7D was off and confusing.

    • troy

      That’s what I thought since 7D was introduced. Couldn’t have said it better.

      Canon has to clean up their line namings:

      xD = FF

      xxD, xxxD and xxxxD = crop

      • daniemare

        Why not xD = Pro
        and xxD, xxxD, xxxxD and mirrorless = Consumer

        Then you can have the 7D as a Pro Crop and Pro wildlife/birders will be happy, and maybe (if we are talking about changing sensors on a current known line anyway) 70D as a entry level FF. You will have 4 Crop and 3 FF’s covering most needs

        The 70D will be smaller than the xD bodies and have a pop-up flash – key things when it comes to entry level, and I believe the non-metal body will make a lower price more likely.

        Going back to the film days – who said FF must be pro, must be wheather sealed to the max and must be expensive.

      • Forbes

        The Canon naming is clear…
        xD = (Semi-)Pro
        Everything else = Consumer

        Why is that so hard for people to understand?

  • Sven C.

    When this rumor becomes true, that would be horrible for wildlife-photographers. I dont´t believe, that they would make the 70D weather proofed.
    I hoped to buy the combi 7D Mark II and 200-400 with integrated TC14 in 2013/2014. But with FullFrame it doesn´t make much sense….

    • Nawaf

      If they don’t make a crop 7D II, well then I guess I’ll be keeping my 7D. It seems as though Canon is lacking in the sensor technology department. Or is there going to be a surprise..

      Sony is leading in sensor development at the moment and Nikon is doing great because of this.

      A few people I know have switched because Canon has lagged for so long. Come on Canon give you’re customers what they want.

    • troy

      I fully agree: Canon has to do something for wildlife photogs. Their pro FF-line (1Dx and 5D III) is lacking AF at F8.

      So many are hoping for a new 7D with the extra reach of the crop-factor.

      But if the 7D II goes FF, the 70D must become the successor of the 7D in the crop-field, of cause with weather sealing and other (semi-)pro features.

      Canon cannot ignore wildlife shooters (at least my hope).

      BTW 200-400 with integrated TC14 on a crop body makes much sense, you’ll get about 900 mm, that shoul do for many occasions.

  • CalTek

    Makes me wonder why I got the 60D at Christmas. Wonder how much better the 70D will be. Then again the 60D is a lot better than the 350D I had before.

  • Hosee

    its not a 70D its a 60a

  • AG

    Just reading the Sony alpha rumor site, so I think you are correct about 7D2. Nikon will have FF D600 soon, so Canon has to compete within the $1500-1800 price range.

    Note Nikon announced the $600 FX 24-85 VR lens today, which is available for pre-order already. This is the low-cost lens for the new D600. This is happening for real IMO.

    No choice but to put FF sensor on 7D to compete now. It appears Nikon will beat them to market with kit lens and all.

    The 24-105mm is getting a bit long in the tooth. It’s a shame Canon couldn’t have updated the IS and USM for the 5D3 release.

  • Ron Palmer

    Although I would like to see this when the announcement comes
    I don’t think the 7dII will be FF
    I think you will see a 4D (or some new ID) to follow the 1D 5D format for full frame.

    The 7dII will be the 7D with the digic V processors 24 or more MP and the new 2.0 firmware and the af of the 5D mkIII but still APS-C

    Just my opinon

  • KK

    Leave it to me. Got so frustrated with lack of availability from Nikon that I gave up and bought a 7D 6mos. ago. Now I see there going to change it for the better at about the same price. Oh well, a day early and a dollar short now. No patients I guess. Still the 7D ain’t to shabby.

    • AG

      This kind of tech is always changing, so don’t lose any sleep as you read. It’s all fun and some times I think these companies like to take us down the rabbit hole. Just enjoy your gear for now.

  • Bruce

    Not gonna happen.

    Canon may have had their heads up their arse after the 40D….but even they wouldn’t mark a huge switch from poor 18meg aps-c to FF with a “Mark II” moniker.

    Canon has let Nikon walk all over them because their ego won’t let them be nervous about the smaller company despite results. Canon has been lucky that Sony has been pathetic with their Alpha camera releases.

    canons 10D started the affordable DSLR battle…Nikons D600 may very well end it.

  • janH


  • Anon

    As one of the persons who sent in this rumor, can I say this:
    I heard this from 3 different individuals at different times. Each of them has a job / professional situation that could possibly make them privy to such unreleased information. I don’t know how far up the “food chain” of information they are so I won’t speculate. When I heard this for the first time I found it very interesting but didn’t pass it on. By the time I’d heard essentially the same story 3 times from different people in less than a fortnight I felt enough substance to pass it on. Only time will tell…..

    A further thought (and here I pass from rumor to personal speculation):
    If this is true, it could give a logical sequence of single digit FF EOS models. In descending order from the top – 1, [High MP 3?], 5, 7, [and possibly 9 if we ever get a Rebel FF]. Makes sense?

    • AG

      Thanks for keeping us in the know.

      • Velvia

        The naming convention makes sense, but a FF 7DII doesn’t make sense with the 5DIII out. What would be different?

    • omar spence photo

      a full frame rebel does sound enticing :)

  • harbonemac


    so we must not buy the marketingbullshit 650d… and out

  • Velvia

    A FF 7D? How is that different from the 5DIII?

  • Sound like this is Canon’s response to Nikon’s D600, it’s a 24megapixel full frame for $1500. I would be interested in it as a backup/ 2nd camers to my 5DMkII. Right now the new MkIII is out of my price range. I hope the keep the video in it. The 7D is a great camera, this sounds like a great replacement!

  • Tropical Yeti

    Of course Canon will have to make entry level FF camera soon enough, considering what’s comming from Nikon and Sony. I wish them luck choosing right features for such a camera.

    But spilling so much ink about possible name is …….. (put your favorite). I don’t mind if they call it “Spock” or “Mickey mouse”

  • jack

    if 7DM2 has the following features, i will switch to Canon:-
    1)Compact Full Frame
    2)Touchscreen to pinpoint focus points anywhere on the Lcd
    3) Swivel Lcd for different angle shots
    4) Price usd 1,500
    5) Well-distributed focus points on viewfinder.
    6) Solution to lcd glare in sunlight

    Please canon, hope you are listening…

  • Samir

    I’m totally agree with Jack!!

  • No doubt it will have a full frame sensor price to match

  • B

    I’m probably alone here but I hope the 70D improves significantly on the video front.

    Better sensor for improved IQ, dynamic range, and noise performance at all iso settings.

    1080p 60p. I have my fingers crossed for this. Even the 5d mark iii didn’t have it though so I don’t know what Canon is thinking.

    3.5mm mic jack.

    I still want to use SD cards on the 70D. CF cards may be faster, but they’re too expensive and I already have SD cards.

  • My old horse Canon EOS 50D bought in May 2010, is still doing great for my wildlife still shots. Don’t need any replacement so long it lasts.

    However, if I really need video recording; I’ll buy a camcorder.

  • Anon

    I still think it’s a bad decision to make a 7D Mkii a FF and the 70D the flagship crop sensor body. If this is true, there will be roughly a $1000 price gap between the 70D and 650D (t4i). Makes no sense *unless* a “6D” FF is released, in conjunction with a 7D Mkii and 70D. I imagine Canon has done their market research and would not lose out on the price-point the 60D came in at, no way.

  • Much is being said about the anticipated 70D and 7D Mk II both with 18 mp sensors.

    As we saw with 7D and subsequent 18 mp APS-C bodies; all of them produce unbearable noise. Don’t understand what’s the point in producing annoying noise and then smothering it with in-camera noise reduction feature!

    The advantage of higher resolution is neutralized by the noise reduction process that irons out details as well.

    Any suggestions ?

  • Wookie

    Pleeeease! I implore! Not the same 18mp APS-C again! Same old, same old! What we want is improvements in image quality and dynamic range. If that doesn’t happen, it will not stand against the D7100 or D400 or anything Nikon throw against it.

  • Forget about 7D II being a full-frame; the 6D is already here. True it falls short in some areas however; it will for sure produce very nice and clean images due to larger pixels.

    The only mid-level crop body that needs replacement is 60D. EOS 70D is long overdue and Canon should not drag its feet for releasing it. Probably they are little hesitant due to the noisy arrival of mirrorless toys. But they should realize themselves that all point & shoot digicams are mirrorless and have been around for more than a decade. It never made an impression on serious shooters.

    So, u guys at Canon go ahead and unveil the 70D as both 50D and 60D users are eagerly awaiting it.

  • zaak

    Sweet, tons of 7ds hitting eBay. I can pick up a backup to my current 7d. which is now being served by my aging 20d.

  • avidcanonuser

    In all of the rumors read, I never saw an upgrade to the T4I mentioned. What a disappointment to wake up to NO 70D announcement this morning. I have been anxiously awaiting this date to see the specs of the new 70D.
    Not one person said anything about a T5I……Canon, today is a huge disappointment….and every sight had this WRONG! Just proves you can’t believe what you read printed on the web! :(

  • avidcanonuser

    I don’t think the 7d would be a full frame either. They just came out with the 5D Mark III and then the 6D, that would be ridiculous to enter the full frame arena. Why would you have a 7D APS-C and a 7D Mark II Full Frame? I don’t think that would happen IMO.

  • Jason

    There is no Photokina this year, so this “rumor” is probably BS.

    • Admin

      the post is of last year :-)

  • RIch B

    I know someone who will remain nameless but they claim this is BS

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