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[Rumor] EOS 7D Mark II Specifications Moving Upmarket (?)

As I said in my previous post: May is the Canon Rumor Month so far. :-) I already reported that the next iteration of the 7D will probably be announced in September at Photokina 2012. And there were also some basic specifications for the EOS 7D Mark II: Dual Digic 5 CPU, 100% viewfinder and the outstanding auto-focus system of the EOS 5D Mark III. Now there are some new rumor tidbits about the EOS 7D Mark II:

[…] the 7D replacement is going to move upmarket in specifications. In particular, the build quality, sealing, AF and frame rates are going to be pushed much more to ‘pro’ levels. Test bodies are apparently being wildly tested in sports and wildlife areas. However, specs are still not set, suggesting a camera that’s still some time off. The downside would be that it would come in at a slightly higher price point than the 7D, making room for greater 650D/70D differentiation.

Well, this is really just a rumor, but to me it would make sense for Canon to push the 7D Mark II more to pro levels. The EOS 7D is already a rocking camera, and lots of pro photographers appreciate the advanced features and a price tag that’s lower than Canon full-frame cameras. It has an APS-C sensor, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Lots of sport photographers appreciate the 1.6 crop factor, since the zoom range of their lenses is improved. To push the next high level Canon APS-C camera to a pro level, with more advanced features, could be a good move by Canon. What do you think about a 7D Mark II with the weather sealing and the AF of the shoplink 2431]EOS 5D Mark III[/shoplink], and maybe with an improved 18MP sensor

See the latest EOS 7D pictures uploaded to Flickr clicking here. And when a new iteration of a camera model is around the corner, it is always a good idea to check if there are deals for the “old” model (the EOS 7D in this case). That’s why I provide the continuously updated live-ticker below. Only sellers that have a top rating and satisfy other quality issues are listed.

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  • LeGO

    The 7D is an excellent camera but having dual Digic-5, the 61-AF of the 1D-X, better build quality and sealing, faster frame rate and higher buffer can only make it better. What the 7D Mk II needs most after getting all these is a better sensor.

    • Frank


  • Klass

    i don´t care about aps-c anymore when nikon releases a <2000$ D600 FULLFRAME CAMERA.

    the D600 seems like a very good deal if the rumors are true.

    canon has to react or many bodys and glas will end up on ebay this year….

    • daniemare

      I think moving the 7D upwards make sense. Make all xD bodies pro, having the 3 (1D, 5D, 7D) cater for the different pro markets

      Make the 70D the Rebel Fullframe – 5D Sensor and current 7D AF, Digic 5 and 60D body. Being XXXXD > XXXD

  • Physica

    while I bought the 7D few years before , it delighted me a lot as it had the high performance and control with low cost , which is effortable for me. Although APS-C is no match with FF sensor’s I.Q. , it’s still good enough for me , the EF-S lens are reletively cheaper then the L lens….. so it is very match my requirement……

    but for the spec. stated recently. The new 7D2 will be a cam which enchance the AF ability with new Digit 5 only , but have a higher cost which will be near , or on par with 5D3… if it is true, then I will gave up and continuously use the 7D……

    some words talking about the weather seal ability will be enchance , if the new 7D had the same level of weather seal ability with Olympus E-5 , also introduce a lens similar with 12-50 or the other lens having a high weather seal level , then definity i will buy one , i really want a DSLR which is able to talk photo under heavy rain in easy…. (E-5’s 4/3 Sensor unable to please me , so i did not buy it…)

  • Benjamin

    Oh, that 18mp sensor has been used again and again. Nikon even loaded the entry-level d3200 with 24mp… Pixel is not everything, however I really wish Canon shows some more sincerity to the users.

  • Nawaf

    DR & Noise improvements are a must. I’m happy with the 7D as there is no other APS-C camera like it. It’s a Pro camera IMO and needs the best upgrades this time round.

    I will only upgrade if it’s worth it. Otherwise, I can keep using what I have as it’s pretty adequate.

  • Price Point

    Pricing has been mentioned to be around 2000. that seems reasonable since the 5D2 pushed up by 40%. But with two DiG!C 5+ chips and the 5D3 AF system it sounds like it will be priced to replace the spot the 5D2 had. That will be a difficult sell for all but pros and amateurs who have nothing better to do w/ their money. At under 2K it would be a huge hit. But I’m afraid Canon would downgrade the 5D3’s AF system to something similar to the Nikon 39 AF pts and round the cross types to 9 with one double helix in the middle. But that would cost money so maybe that’s fine at 2K. It seems the objective for Canon must be clear in so far as the entry level 6D. If they intend to mimmick the Rebel cause they’ll want some a tweener like the 8D at 2499. It’s all pricing at Canon all the time.

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