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Rumor: Is Canon Working On An Extra Small DSLR?

I got this rumor, it is the first time I hear about that. And here it comes…

The rumor says that Canon will announce a new entry-level DSLR that is not part of the Rebel/xxxD line. A DSLR that aims at the budget-conscious customers out there. This DSLR is said to be the lightest and smallest DSLR Canon has ever made. The source also says that this new extra-small DSLR is an attempt to counter the not so good selling figures of the Canon EOS M (price & specs). In other words: Canon will try to offer a small and compact DSLR as alternative to the EOS M. A DSLR that is almost as small and light as a mirrorless camera. The new DSLR will support EF and EF-S lenses, and it should not have the AF issues of the EOS M. And there should be also a new kit zoom lens for this new, super-small DSLR, a kit zoom that is also said to be light-weighted and of small size.

I do not really know how Canon can make a DSLR much smaller than a Rebel. There are for sure some possibilities to make it smaller, and for sure to make it lighter (using more plastic?). The question is: how small and compact it can get.

That’s it!


  • WT21

    Did’t Olympus try this with the e4xx series? While interesting, it just wasn’t that compelling.

    • Denis

      Very interesting news, i would purchase an offer if canon can realise something like olympus e 4xx. Same size but with bigger sensor, very nice. I think for most of us are only 3-4 thing important. optical viewfinder, well images at high iso, fast lenses with fast apature for low light and more bokeh and of course nice prices for bodys. So now i understand why canon go this way with the new pancake lens 40mm 1:2,8. Very interesting kit lens for small DSLR.

      I hope canon will try this way. Please no more life style cameras like EOS M.

      • WT21

        Well, if they did a FF sensor :)

        But if it’s APS-C, there are already a lot of options out there for that, and if it uses EF-S lenses, well those lenses are still pretty sizeable compared to the mirrroless offerings already available.

        • Jay

          I’m not too worried. Right now many Sony NEX and micro 4/3 camera users are adapting larger DSLR lenses to their small mirrorless cameras. Heck there’s a company out there making an AF adapter so NEX owners can mount Canon EF and EF-S lenses on Sony NEX cameras. If people are willing to do that I don’t see why they won’t welcome a small and light Canon DSLR … as long as it delivers decent image quality and performance for the price.

  • Jerry

    Canon can sell just about anything because they are Canon, but I agree with WT21. If Canon comes out with a smaller, lighter DSLR it needs to have some awesome specs at a low price or it’s just going to be another failed attempt to capitalize on the interest in hybrid/mirrorless camera technology without cannibalizing current Canon DSLR sales.

  • FMJ

    probably with the smaller sensor from the EOS-M, shrink the mirror but the same proportion.

    let see if Canon can make it right this time.

  • Dan

    If it can’t fit in my pocket, I don’t really care if it is smaller than current rebels.

  • Sean

    Just another camera that will almost fit in your pocket.

  • Euthenics

    A smaller DSLR that’s about the size like a mirrorless camera or same weight at least is very welcome. No more sore hands and sore back carrying this heavy stuff. But the real question is the lens that comes supported with it. If it’s small and high quality a sort of Mini-L series creation maybe. With the right affordable pricing and good quality, I’m sold. It can start with APS-C sensor and then later also develop a full frame sensor, then one might not migrate to NEX. As usual, it must be flexible to allow use of the L and non L lens support as well.

    • peevee

      You’ll get your sore back from EF-S lenses with OIS, don’t worry. :)

  • Bob B.

    Well..if Canon had made a great M…with a viewfinder, fast AF and a set of small, fast prime lenses of quality and shown a roadmap of commitment and extended growth of the system…they would have sold tons of them?
    How come they don’t see that?

  • Steve

    Didn’t Pentax try something similar with the K-01? The advantage of mirrorless is the potential for more compact lenses and liveview for video. A smaller DSLR doesn’t change this.

  • peevee

    “There are for sure some possibilities to make it smaller, and for sure to make it lighter (using more plastic?).”

    Even more plastic than a Rebel? How it is possible? Plastic viewfinder lens and mirrors?
    But comparing to T4i, they could easily eliminate articulating screen (and probably make the fixed screen smaller, say 2.8″ like in X-E1), grip, some controls and use smaller battery. Electronics can of course be made smaller too to make way for the battery in the gripless body.
    If the Sony’s patent expired, they can also use fixed translucent mirror, eliminating the mirror mechanism.

    • Jay

      I imagine that, if this camera rumor is true, the camera will essentially replace the T3 in Canon’s lineup. Basically give the people who want a DSLR but don’t want DSLR size and weight the smallest and lightest DSLR possible. That leaves the Rebel series for entry-level enthusiasts and the rest of the EOS line for part-time and full-time professionals.

  • PStu

    Canon experimented with pellicle mirrors in the past. Could they follow Sony’s lead and do a STLR (or whatever they call it)? The Sony A37 was slightly smaller than a Canon Rebel. If you dropped the grip and went to an interface more like the EOS M, that would save space (at the possible expense of a smaller battery). This would preserve the use of EF and EF-S lenses, including the 40mm pancake lens. One of the few knocks on Sony’s STLRs has been the inconsistent continuous capabilities, which Canon does well.

  • Paul

    Small DSLR? I hope the sensor is not small like the G1x small!!

  • Slim

    Make it full frame, and I’ll buy it without even reading reviews.

    So damn tired of my heavy ass 5D3, but at the same time I can’t let go of FF. :/

  • 32323

    it´s nonsense…

  • Bibi

    Canon usually is not very happy with “entry level products” in term of sales..See the EOS M story (marketing failure ! ) so what’s the point to introduce a new entry level DSLR ?? why it has to be “entry level” ?? the idea could be very interesting to compete with Sony Nex Products (which are not entry level cameras) but i still don’t understand their marketing strategy ?
    As a Canon regular customer since the last 30 years, using Rebel xxxD series & Powershot G series, i would only be interested if the new DSLR project is not entry level !

  • AG

    Hello Canon

    “Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.”

  • GoutamDas

    canon why not publish light and smaller DSLR camera.

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