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[Rumor] Latest About Canon’s Mirrorless Camera

Canon Mirrorless Concept by D. Riesenberg

A new rumour about Canon’s eagerly awaited mirrorless camera has surfaced. NI reports that the mirrorless system camera Canon is supposed to work on, will come “with a kit zoom and an adapter for EF lenses such as the new pancake 40mm lens“. There is also a patent for an EF adapter by Canon (see picture below), filed last year (machine translated). An EF adapter for a Canon mirrorless makes sense, especially if you consider the huge amount of excellent Canon lenses that everyone would like to use on a Canon mirrorless camera. There is a nice animation on NI, showing how much the adapter would contribute to the overall thickness (not very much) when used with the new EF 40mm f/2.8 STM ($199, click here).

Canon EF adapter

[via NI]
  • physica

    Actually it is meaningless until the camera is announced……it’s just rumor of a rumor……

    Canon’s late action is very disappointing…

  • Bob B.

    The more I hear about this camera..the more perplexed I am?
    I already own 5D Mark III. I own 2 current Micro 4/3’s cameras. For both systems I have a quiver of lenses.
    I have been postulating that Canon is going to present this incredible mirrorless camera that is going to make me want to sell all of my MFT gear and sign up.
    ….but all the rumors contradict this thought.
    First of all…the last thing I need is a mirrorless body with a smaller sensor to put my big HONKIN EF lenses on. I already have an excellent, appropriately-sized camera for those lenses. When I decide that my photo creating outing requires the beast and a fast EF prime… nothing else will do. Period.
    When I don’t need the beast..I am grabbing an excellent small camera with small, fast primes to choose from. I cannot believe how rich the MFT system has become in such a short time. The newer glass offerings get more and more spectacular by the month.
    That all being said….if he rumors are true…this Canon offering…yawn…looks pedestrian at best…
    Newbies also have sooooo many better choices if they want to own one, high-quality, compact camera system.
    I was thinking Canon was going to lie in wait and come on board with the reaper….but this mirrorless offering is looking more and more like a middle of the road nothing.

  • janH

    who cares what you want bob?

    most people who own canon glas are intelligent enough to see the benefits of being able to use EF glas on a canon mirrorless.

    and the mirorless will sure get it´s own set of lenses.

    the canon mirroless will get a approximated m43 sized sensor as it looks.
    i can´t wait to use my 400mm on it. it may look stupid.. but who cares.

    you know nothing about the product but your are not to cheap to complain.. your a clown. i wonder if you have time shooting.. looking how much time you spend on internet forums….

  • Frank

    Please be respectful.
    Bob’s opinion is perfectly acceptable. Myself, and for sure other people too, are interested to read his thoughts. What he is saying about MFT makes sense. We are discussing rumours and what we like (or do not like) about what could be the next gear Canon will announce. Each and any opinion is welcome.

    • Bob B.

      Thanks Frank! That was out of line. LOL!

  • Gunnar

    seeing how thin the EF adapter is i can only guess the flange distance of the camera will be quite long, meaning in turn that you will not be able to adapt a lot of vintage or simply non Canon lenses. like Leica mount for example.. but its all speculation anyways. i guess Canon will sell as well as Nikon, just by their name.

  • Andy

    I agree with Bob. What’s the point small camera with big hunk of glass in front of it. I might as well use the DSLR.

    • Bob B.

      ThaNks for the support Andy. Everyone has an opinion…and I think I validated mine. This is a rumor site after all. LOL!

  • julien

    i agree with bob to

    small body, with big lenses, doesn’t make sense some times.

    JanH should not be able to join this wonderful canonwatch.

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