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[Rumor] More Canon Entry Level Full-Frame DSLR Tidbits (Expected For October, Not Photokina)

A quick update about Canon’s entry level full-frame DSLR. The rumor comes from NL. They report about a 22MP camera that could be named EOS 6D. I reported similar rumors time ago, but my sources named this cam EOS 7D Mark II. Nevertheless, I think “EOS 6D” has more possibilities to be the real name. It makes more sense, imo, especially if you consider the fact that the EOS 7D is Canon’s APS-C flagship, and that the EOS 5D Mark III is Canon’s full-frame flagship. An entry level FF DSLR would be positioned between the 5D Mk3 and the 7D. Hence, “EOS 6D” makes perfectly sense. However, it could also be that an EOS 70D will succeed to the actual 7D (bringing the glorious xxD line back to semi-pro levels) and that an EOS 7D Mark II could indeed be the entry level FF camera. Speculations, I know.

There is another thing: NL’s source(s) say that this entry level full-frame DSLR will not be announced during Photokina in September, but later in October.

[via NL]


  • Anon

    While I think an entry-level FF body *would* be a cool addition to Canon’s lineup, I have difficulty understanding how it fits in from a marketing stand point. Specifically what I struggle with is the price point an entry-level FF would have to be introduced at. According to Canon’s current lineup and prices, a hypothetical 6d would be the successor to the 5d Mkii as the Mkii currently sits nicely priced between the 7d and 5d Mkiii. But then the question becomes, what replaces the 7d as the “flagship” APS-C? The 70d? If that’s the case, then the hypothetical 70d would n ed to be priced higher (more in line with the current 7d) which leaves a big gap -a gap the popular 60d happily filled. According to their prices though, a 70d would have to be priced higher than the 7d to make room for an entry-level FF. Not sure I like this move on Canon’s part…

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