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[Rumor] More Canon EOS 6D (Entry-Level FF) Tidbits And Specs

Most of us expect Canon to announce a new DSLR, eventually this week, or at Photokina. Most people agree that there will be just one DSLR that Canon will introduce for Photokina. But…which one? Rumors have word that it will be an entry-level full frame camera named EOS 6D. After the first (supposed) specs leaked a few days ago, CR is reporting more about the 6D’s (supposed) specifications:

  • 22MP full frame
  • Flip out screen, Built in flash
  • 19 pt AF, 63 zone metering
  • Single Digic 5+
  • 4.9 fps (Also heard 4.5fps)
  • 3 inch LCD (We’d previously heard touchscreen)
  • ISO 12,800
  • New battery and grip – new GPS and WiFi grip option.
  • Built in ‘connectivity and sharing’ software

However, there has immediately been an update:

  • Does not have a flip out screen
  • It’s 4.5fps not 4.9
  • No built in flash

All this specs have to be taken with a pinch of salt. All the rumors (published here and on other sites) seem to come from new sources, and are often contradictory. At least none of my trusted sources told me anything about an upcoming EOS 6D. I am disappointed by the suggested AF system. 19pt/63 zone metering works perfectly, but there a are more evolved options out there.

We will soon know. In the meantime let me know your thoughts.

[via CR]

  • Rafael

    Let me give you my side as a potential customer, using a Canon 40D and looking to spend $2K in new equipment.
    This rumor of the 6D at full frame does not appeal much more than the 5DM2 while th 5DM3 is out in price.
    My option has been the 7D for many months and was waiting for the 7DM2 as not to change AF-S lenses (17-55mm f2.8) and 65mm macro.
    With the specs shown above, the option is back to 7D, new firmware and cheaper now!
    What do you think?

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