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[Rumor] More Canon Mirrorless Information Leaking (June Announcement Confirmed)

I report and sum up the Canon mirror-less news i got in the last few days. My source told me that a Canon mirror-less camera will indeed be announced next month, in June. I’ve been told that the camera will  have a 4:3 ratio sensor and that it looks a little like Nikon’s V1 (but will be much much better a camera than the V1 :-) ). This means it will could have the sensor of the PowerShot G1 X (good!) and it will have a modern look, not vintage-style as other mirror-less cams. Unlike most of the renderings and concepts we saw floating around the Web in the last months, the upcoming Canon mirror-less cam will not be a vintage designed range-finder camera. In other words: it will not look like the Fuji X100 or the Olympus E-M5.

No mention so far about the lens-mount it will have. I wonder if the pancake lens I reported about yesterday has something to do with the upcoming mirror-less system camera by Canon. I mean: a pancake lens seems to be made for ILCs, but will it mount natively or will it need an adapter? That’s a big question in my opinion. There is such a lot of outstanding Canon lenses that I really hope Canon will deliver an easy yet fully functional way (read: adapter) to use these lens on its upcoming Interchangeable Lens Camera. I heard also some rumors saying that the camera will/could have an EF-S mount. Given the race to always smaller ILC bodies, I think this is not very plausible. But then: who knows.

What follows are my very own thoughts about the whole Canon mirrorless 4/3 thing:

  • I hope Canon will make a light-weighted camera – I always had DSLRs, and as much as I like them, I do not like the bulk that comes with them
  • Let us use the whole range of EF lenses in their full functionality (i.e. all features including IS and AF, camera controlled aperture and exposure)
  • We want the EF-adapter, do not overprice it!
  • Give us full cross-compatibility with the EOS system
  • Give us some light and small prime lenses (and maybe a couple of zooms) made specifically for the ILC
  • Give us a cool kit lens, but make it really cool & smart
  • Give us an ILC with high ISOs, and with good high ISO performance (Canon, you can do it!)
  • Please keep the price at a reasonable level, at least lower than $800 (kit lens included) – The PowerShot G1 X is a fine camera with an outstanding lens, but a little overpriced IMHO
  • And finally: surprise us with an amazing sensor. Canon has so much sensor science and skills, they can do it.

There is only one thing given for granted: June will be a hot month for Canon fans! :-)

  • If the mirrorless camera uses the G1X’s sensor we already know it is good so hopefully there will be no problems there. The issues that some people seem to have with the G1X are it’s focus speed and lack of close focusing so what I hope to see is fast auto focus, minimal shutter lag and either a macro lens or macro adapter.

  • Klass

    lol.. under 800$… lol

    you must me smoking some strong stuff if you think this has more chance then a drop of water in the desert gobi.

    • Bob B.

      Unfortunately …I HAVE to agree with Klass. If Canon is arrogant enough to charge $800 for the G1X (should be $495), $2300 for the new 24-70mm f/2.8 II, and $3500 for the can BET that the price on this camera…if it bests the Nikon V1 and is truly something that serious photographers can get excited about..will be above $800.
      Also…I am encouraged to see that they are hopefully going with the G1X sensor…which hopefully will be fast, small new line of lenses. I do not want to carry my hunking 85mm f/1.2 II with a mirrorless system.
      It will take a LOT get me to buy this camera…I already have two MFT bodies and 10 lenses in a system that compliments my Canon full-frame kit wonderfully. If you do not come up with some SERIOUS goods here…I am just going to keep using my already INCREDIBLE MFT system.
      I think a modern body is the way to go….I just am betting that this offering is still going to be very consumer oriented like the Nikon V1…so that Canon does not take away from their DSLR’s….but that would be ignoring the future.

  • Physica

    If this is your advise to Canon , maybe it is too late? LOL

    BTW , most of the point is same as mine, but I have a little more.
    – Flip screen is a bonus, but no flip screem is also ok… (my girls love flip screen for self portrait…)
    – hope it could have a build-in WIFI , for a CSC , it is useful (at least for me…)
    – hope canon could introduce the Lens for incoming CSC asap , i don’t want a wide-angle converter like NEX…
    – hope to have the control level at lease on par with G1X….. if canon introduce a Lens changagle G1X , it will be fun!
    – hope canon could use the new sensor tech for this camera , but it seems impossible (at this moment…)

    • Frank

      It’s a wish-list.

  • MIroslav

    I’m all for modern look, but not for Nikon 1 stripped down look. As for the sensor size, I’d prefer APS-C because then the existing DSLR lenses could be used at their nominal focal lengths. If the sensor is smaller, the FL becomes longer. Small mirrorless lens size can be achieved by well thought out flange distance ( NEX is the example for the opposite ). It all depends on how serious Canon is about its mirrorless system, ie whether it wants to protect its DSLR sales ( Nikon ) or to make a system that will succeed DSLRs ( Olympus ).

    • I think so too, Its really a wish list

  • Kenny

    Quite a disappointment to a certain extent as I don’t really fancy the 4:3 aspect ratio. Just a thought.

  • Klass

    the most important thing for me is, beside image quality, that it fits in the canon program.

    with that i mean that you can use the accessory (like speedlites) with the mirrorless.

    there has to be an EF(-S) adapter from the start.

    and the viewfinder has to be very good.
    i don´t buy anything anymore that has a viewfindwer i am not 95-100% satisfied with.

    aps-c would be nice but i don´t hold my breath for it.
    not now… maybe in 5 years.

    • Sean

      And if it doesn’t have a viewfinder?

      • Viewfinder or not? Nikon solved this issue by making one camera with and one without. (for me a good viewfinder is a must!) What Nikon did not do at lunch of the Nikon 1 system was presenting a nice lens line up or what’s they have in the pipe for the near future. Fuji were so much more professional at the launch of the X-mount (X Pro 1). I hope Canon learned something from this.

  • WT21

    I was waiting since 2009 for a Canon mirrorless. With the OMD, I’m going all guns blazing to m43. I don’t know what Canon can do to change my mind. Offer 3 new lenses, and the opportunity for dirt-slow focusing using an EOS lens?

    They are late to the game. The high-end (e.g. pro sports shooters) is ceded to Canon and Nikon. I think they have both underestimated the mirrorless market.

  • San Marco de la Rose Pedoro Morientes

    modern look — NOT GOOD!!!

    small sensor — NOT GOOD!!!

    no viewfinder — NOT GOOD!!!

    One word: CANON!!!

  • Chris

    If they’re going for a 4/3’s ratio sensor, I don’t understand why they just don’t join the 4/3’s / micro 4/3’s open standard group along with Olympus and Panasonic, apart from arrogance. The sensor in the G1X is almost identical in size to m4/3’s anyway.

    If they did join, Canon customers would instantly have Olympus zuiko, Panasonic Lumix/Leica branded, Cosina/Voigtlander and Tokina lenses available to them. People with existing micro 4/3 glass may consider switching to or adding a Canon body. Those who are happy with their m4/3 bodies may consider adding Canon glass. Seems like the way to go.

    • Chris, I think more than arrogance, it is that Canon (like most every other single camera manufacturer) wants to maintain control of the system (and subsequent profits). I doubt we will ever see Nikon or Canon partner directly with another major competitor, unless they purchase and absorb them. Looking into the future, assuming of course that mirrorless cameras play into said future, Canon will not want to be tied to anyone else largely because they’re the king of the mountain right now. While I think that this slow adoption to the mirrorless realm will initially hurt them, they’re a very cautious and calculated company (many of us may argue too much so) and they act this way for a reason. We’re not going to see an “off the wall” game changer I don’t think from Canon, it would be too risky, unless they provide something like an EF mount, APS-C mirrorless which would change the game in the sense that they’d immediately have the largest and most complete proprietary lens catalog for any mirrorless system, OR, they bring a full frame mirrorless system camera into the game priced at or below the current mirrorless crop (sub $1600 essentially). That would be a ‘safe’ game changer in that they’d not really lose out too badly if it flopped as they’re not supporting it with an entirely new system (lenses, adapters, ect). As for the 4:3 ratio, see my other comment as to why I think it makes more sense when size reduction in a system is concerned. Actually, if they were really wanting to maximize, they’d make a multi aspect square sensor to maximize the image circle and do an in camera crop by way of differing aspects.

    • Jorginho

      In my opinion, the lens story is nice to sell bodies but bad if you want to sell lenses and my guess is the profit is on lenses. So I understand Canon. They are in a much better position than either Panny or Oly where when they started with m43s.

  • Let’s look at a few contradictory tidbits in this rumor, firstly, if this camera were to have a native EF mount (there isn’t an EF-s mount, just EF-s lenses as ANY EF mount lens will fit on any EOS camera, EF-s is merely a lens designation which will only properly work with APS-C canon cameras), so, this being said, it couldn’t have the G1-X sensor if there was an EF native mount, unless it had some type of ‘digital crop’ mode for every lens mounted which wouldn’t make sense.

    Secondly, the idea behind a 4:3 ratio sensor allows for a smaller image circle necessary while maximizing sensor size, meaning you can technically build smaller lenses (compared to those that require the ability to throw an image circle large enough to get to the corners of a 3:2 ratio sensor). ie: a square would be be the ‘best’ utilization regarding getting the most out of a circular image throw, so the ‘closer’ to a square the ratio, the better it is technically able to gather area within an image circle, unless we start building circular sensors.. :) Not a huge difference, but one that I think should at least be recognized. You can always crop to a 3:2, or 16:9 ratio after the fact, etc.

    Personally, I like the idea of a 4:3 ratio sensor, as I can always crop down to my preferred 3:2, but to go the other way is working backwards to an extent.

    As for the mount, either we see an APS-C or APS-H (very unlikely in my opinion) which would be capable of being fully compatible with the EF mount cache of lenses, OR we see a smaller sensor (the G1-X seems to be the most likely candidate) with a new mount which HOPEFULLY enables a fully compatible EF converter enabling PDAF akin to the Nikon.

    Like Bob B., I am going to need to see a HUGE incentive from Canon at this stage of the game as I am already invested pretty heavily, and happily in two systems as it is. One of which is my Canon full frame set up and if I’m required to reinvest in yet another lens mount, they will certainly not get one penny from me on this front.

    • WT21

      “there isn’t an EF-s mount, just EF-s lenses as ANY EF mount lens will fit on any EOS camera, EF-s is merely a lens designation which will only properly work with APS-C canon cameras”

      Is that true? Then why are there different mounting dots on the body for EF (orange dot) and EF-S (white square) in different locations? I’ve never tried it, but I’m assuming there’s a difference in flange locations, no?

      • I guess I should kinda clarify. I do believe that Canon considers their APS-C cameras to have the specification of an EF-s mount, but it is an EF mount that also enables the use of EF-s lenses. Any EF lens will fit directly to any EOS era camera, film or digital. EF-s lenses will only mount to xxxxD, xxxD or xxD bodies (minus the 10D I believe). APS-H or Full frame Canon cameras do not have the ability to mount EF-s lenses as many of them are designed in a way that would interfere with the mirror and don’t throw a large enough image circle to cover the larger sensors. So, the EF mount is universal for all current Canon cameras with certain bodies being capable of mounting EF-s lenses.

        In theory, Canon could build a “mirror-less” camera with the same EF/EF-s compatible mount, but it would be strange if they did so without utilizing at least an APS-C sized sensor. If they are going to use the newer 4:3 ratio sensor from the G1-X, then I think we will see a new mount. If this is true, I sure hope that they engineer a fully compatible mount converter for their EF/EF-s lens line, otherwise I feel it will just be another fledgling mirrorless system that is waaaaaay behind the micro 4/3 system (unless of course they have a full lens lineup ready to launch as well…)

    • Frank

      There’s an EF-S mount:
      And why should an EF-S lens not work with the G1X sensor?

      • An EF-s lens could certainly work with a smaller sensor, but why would you hinder a camera who’s trying to stay “compact” with a larger mount than necessary? Keep in mind that if you could use EF-s lenses, then you would be able to mount all EF lenses, meaning it would be the same sized mount as the current full frame capable EF line. Not horrible in my opinion , but it would have to digitally crop (akin to Nikon’s FX crop on their full frame cameras) for EVERY EF and EF-s lens as the G1-x sensor is much smaller than even the APS-C, meaning it can’t really even come near taking advantage of the whole image circle that even an EF-s lens is capable of.

        It wouldn’t be the worst idea, but then we’d also almost inevitably see a third EF specification (EF-x?) which would only be compatible with the new crop sensor… Why not just use the APS-c sensor that they’ve already had paid for ten times over gaining the benefits that it would provide?

        I’m not saying it won’t happen, I just don’t see it making much sense and would guess Canon would prefer sell us a whole new lens lineup with a new mount if they were to try and use the G1-x sensor with lenses built and optimized for it (with hopefully at least a fully compatible adapter. I think they should just streamline the low end rebel (xxxxD) and turn that into a mirrorless option, fully compatible with the full EF lens lineup.

        • Sorry, I mean (as opposed to the nikon digital crop) it would throw away a large portion of the image circle from every current lens which would be fine as long as we were cool with unnecessarily large lenses on our compact mirrorless camera. To me it makes sense to either go APS-c with an EF/EF-s mount or make an entirely new mount if using the 4:3 ratio sensor.

        • Frank

          Yeah, I think there will not be a Canon ILC with an EF(-S) mount. Just saying that it is possible

  • Ash

    A 40mm lens on a 4/3 sized sensor would be around an 80mm lens equivalent. I really cant see that working as a kit lens at all, maybe a portrait lens.

    • Actually, a 40mm lens on the current Canon 4:3 ratio sensor would have an Equivalent Field of View closer to 72mm (on a full frame camera), not 80mm as the current G1X sensor is technically larger than the 4/3 or micro 4/3 sensor.

      I would bet my house that Canon will not build their camera with a micro 4/3 lens mount. A 4:3 ratio sensor very possibly, but that is very different than a 4/3 sensor which is a proprietary specification used by Panasonic and Olympus which Canon would have to pay to enter into a contractual agreement with the group to be able to use. I don’t see them doing that. Ever.

      • Ash

        Good call on the crop factor. I still can’t picture a 72mm lens as a kit lens. The 40mm seems likelier to be an EF or EF-S lens rather than a new lens mount.

  • KID

    …”A much better camera than the Bikon V1″ OK, I can agree that it will have a better sensor (because its larger) but to say that before its even out is just unwise. I’m willing to bet you’ve never used a V1. It, like every camera, has its negative points, but that camera out performs every other mirrorless camera on the market to date. I love Canon and have used canon digital for more than 10 years, but didn’t buy their camera because they didn’t have a mirrorless. I did buy a Sony, Olympus and Pentax and sold all three because the negatives outweighed the positives for MY particular use. The V1, although it has a small sensor and does not produce quite a clean of photos as the Sony, does the job without even a hick-up. So, in this new age of wonderful camera technology, it’s no longer I’m a Canon guy it I’m a Nikon guy but “I’m a guy who uses the right tool for the job. Whether Canon, Olympus or Samyang. They are all beautiful in different ways. I’m speaking strictly for us working photographer’s who make 100% of our living from our camera. If this is not you, keep bickering :-)

  • Mattyj

    Im guessing they will go with the 4/3 mount. That way they are not cutting into there dslr market and are cutting into Olympus and penasonics market share. I think it’s a good move along as you can use your existing canon speed lites and other gear. They can make a mount that will adapt ef and efs lens kida like what Sony have.

  • dbms

    Must be a boring camera with G1X sensor, lens and AF.

    Canon is losing their share rapidly, so they have to release something asap, even the product is immature. Sad.

  • c.d.embrey

    Not being retro would be good, ’cause retro sucks … big time!

    How about starting a new trend by selling a camera WITHOUT a variable aperture kit zoomz.

    The Olympus OMD EM-5 has set the bar high. And they have some great lenses (12mm f/2.0, 45mm f/1.8 and the new 75mm f/1.8). If you want me to buy, you have to be equal to or better than the Olympus, right out of the gate. I won’t wait for promised lenses.

  • tetheredman

    Perhaps it is the world’s first EVIL to support tethered shooting.

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