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Rumor: New Canon EOS C300 for NAB?

German site (Google translation) reports a rumor about Canon announce a new, and cheaper, model of the EOS C300 at NAB 2012. Cheaper because it would not have interchangeable optics.

This would make somewhat sense, since yesterday Nikon  (thanks Scotch) Sony announced two new models of C300’s direct competitors: the PMW-F3K/RGB and the PMWF3L/RGB (click here information), and both should be cheaper (but I couldn’t find a price so far) than the actually available C300 (around $16,000 body only), which, btw, just started shipping a month ago. The murmured “special edition”-C300 could hence be the chance for Canon to drop prices one step further and to counter Nikon’s announcement.

Let’s see what’s happening.

[via SC]

  • Scotch

    “since yesterday Nikon announced two new models of C300′s direct competitors: the PMW-F3K/RGB and the PMWF3L/RGB”

    I think you mean Sony, isn’t it

  • NikonGuy

    hahaha It seems that you see Nikon everywhere…even in your dreams too?

    • Frank

      :-) Yeah, looks like I do.

  • “…C300′s direct competitors: the PMW-F3K/RGB and the PMWF3L/RGB, and both should be cheaper (but I couldn’t find a price so far)…”

    Are you sure? Well, I can see the Price tag on the Sony website, and it is $16,800 (which doesn’t look like any cheaper)

    Maybe it’s Updated since your Post.

    • Frank

      I wasn’t sure indeed, and I was told it would have a lower price tag. Thanks RaviSun3D.

      • It is cheaper than used to be, because now the S-Log is free with you PMW-F3 models; so you will have in your hands a camera that pull out RGB 4:4:4 10bit with NO compresion compared to c300 8bit 422 is a hell of diference for post production and cinema; so is the same old price but for a bigger package

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