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Rumor: Will Sigma Soon Announce a Mirrorless System Camera (or a Super System Adapter)?


Sigma Poland started a website named Sigma Foto Revolution. There is a running countdown (2 days 17 hours left) with a slogan that translated to Overthrow the system with Sigma – there is liberation. Although Sigma clearly stated that they will not make a mirrorless system camera, the teaser seems to suggest exactly that. I am very curious to learn what they will announce. Sigma made some outstanding gear recently, think the 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM and 30mm f/1.4 DC HSM lenses.

However, 43rumors has some good speculations about what could happen in two days:

1) Sigma could launch a new system camera with a new mount
2) Sigma could launch a system camera and join the Micro Four Thirds standard
3) Sigma could launch a sort of universal system adapter where all Sigma lenses can be used on all mirrorless systems (including MFT)

43rumors thinks that option 3 is the more plausible. We’ll see soon.

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