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Some Hundred Lost Ansel Adams Photo Prints Found (Update)

Image: Wikipedia

Update: I have been contacted by the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley. They let me know that the prints were never lost, just newly exhibited (thanks to @bancroftlibrary)

Over 600 photo prints signed by American photographer Ansel Adams have been discovered have been organized in a new exhibition at the University of California’s Berkeley campus.

The prints — totalling 605 in number — were part of a project Adams had been hired for in the 1960s, which involved photographing the UC system. The images were slated to be part of a coffee table-sized book celebrating the university system’s centennial in 1968.

But the man who hired Adams at the time, University of California President Clark Kerr, was fired by then Governor Ronald Reagan and the centennial project was mothballed. Quite literally.

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  • cosinaphile

    more of this creeps legacy [ i mean RR] orange county rupublic ans was usas death knell

    go ansel!

  • Oh, boy! More calendars!

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