These Canon cameras and lenses reached end of life cycle

canonCanon Professional Network lets members know that a list of Canon gear is no longer serviced (at least in Europe). The listed products have reached the end of their service period. As Canon Europe puts it:

As a product reaches the end of its serviceable lifetime, Canon Europe can no longer guarantee that repairs will be possible due to the supply of spare parts.

These Canon products are no longer serviced:
  • Canon EOS 50D
  • Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
  • Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM
  • Canon Extender EF1.4x II
  • Canon Extender EF2x II
  • Canon Battery Grip BG-E2

Magic Lantern Raw on the Canon EOS 50D Review (EOSHD)

Andrew Reid from EOSHD posted a comprehensive review with lots of tech talk and details about how the Magic Lantern RAW hack performs on the since long discontinued Canon EOS 50D (here on eBay). The EOS 50D was never thought to shot video, although someone discovered it has a microphone socket.

If you are into this things, if you want to recycle your old 50D and start shot some video, then this review is for you. The hack is still under development, but it already works fine. Quoting EOSHD:


  • Best of the APS-C Canons for raw video
  • 14bit uncompressed raw video at up to 30fps
  • Good flexibility in terms of resolutions and aspect ratios
  • Useful crop mode with extremely high image quality
  • Good dynamic range and low light performance
  • Superb build quality and extensive manual control
  • Extremely cheap on the used market and relatively common
  • Well suited to anamorphic lenses
  • Bonus H.264 1920x1080p recording mode


  • 5D Mark III is superior
  • Full sensor mode resolution limited to 1584 x 1058
  • Requires anamorphic lens to get the best of the full sensor mode
  • Moire and aliasing unless using 1:1 crop mode
  • Although a cheap camera body, requires expensive CF cards
  • Poor LCD visibility in strong sunlight
  • No articulated screen as found on newer Canon DSLRs
  • Glitchy exposure in crop mode, currently
  • Currently some disturbing bugs such as incorrect black levels and magenta tints

Magic Lantern RAW Hack

Canon EOS 50D Has A Microphone Base (but was not supposed to shot video)

The Magic Lantern RAW hack enables the 5 year old Canon EOS 50D (here on eBay) to record video footage – a camera that never was supposed to shot video. Now there is an additional information. Diego Monge, who says he works for Canon and posted the video above on YouTube, says: “the 50D was video capable, but lost this quality in final process”.

The Magic Lantern RAW hack is amazing, see here how the hacked EOS 50D compares to the EOS 5D Mark II.

[via cinema5d]

Magic Lantern RAW Hack


How To Install Magic Lantern – A Step-By-Step Video Guide

Given all the (justified) hype around Magic Lantern’s RAW hack more and more Canon users want to install the firmware hack. The most amazing results are obtained with the EOS 5D Mark III, but also a five year old camera that was never thought to shot video, the EOS 50D (here on eBay), can produce amazing results with the Magic Lantern hack.

Dave Dugdale from Learning DSLR Video made a video that shows step-by-step how to install the Magic Lantern hack. As Dave suggests, it is best to install first the stable version of Magic Lantern before playing around with the alpha-releases (or nightly builds) that deliver the RAW video output.

Be sure that the battery is fully charged before starting the installation process. You have to reset the camera to factory settings, then you have to format the memory card. After that you plug the card in you computer and copy the downloaded files on it. Finally, the card goes back in your camera, where you navigate to the firmware update menu. When all is done correctly you will see the screen output below.

magic lantern

[ISO 1200 via PetaPixel]

More Videos Taken With Canon EOS 50D And Magic Lantern RAW Hack (and comparison with 5D Mark II)

How cool is it to get RAW video output from a 5 year old camera that was never thought to be a video camera? Pretty much cool in my opinion. Kudos to the skilled Magic Lantern hackers for their Magic Lantern RAW hack.

There is more video footage shot with the modified 50D that showed up. Check the videos above and below. It also means that the hardware of the EOS 50D has always been able to shot video. There is a discussion going on about the Magic Lantern RAW hack in the Magic Lantern forum.

This could be the right time to get an EOS 50D on eBay, before the price will raise because of the newly discovered possibilities.

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Transform A Canon EOS 50D In A Powerful Video Camera With Magic Lantern RAW Hack

Canon EOS 50D raw video test – ISO 12.800 (H2) from Julian Huijbregts on Vimeo.

I have extensively reported about the Magic Lantern RAW Hack for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. You should know that you can have RAW video output also on the 5 year old Canon EOS 50D. As most of you probably know, the EOS 50D was the last semiprofessional DSLR in the xxD series. The EOS 60D that followed was more “Rebel inspired” than the 50D and the 40D.

The video above is amazing. You may also want to check sample images here. Will the Canon EOS 50D get a new life with the hack? First of all, check the price here on eBay.

The Canon EOS 50D is still kicking, read here why.

[via EOSHD]

Magic Lantern RAW Hack