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Transform A Canon EOS 50D In A Powerful Video Camera With Magic Lantern RAW Hack

Canon EOS 50D raw video test – ISO 12.800 (H2) from Julian Huijbregts on Vimeo.

I have extensively reported about the Magic Lantern RAW Hack for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. You should know that you can have RAW video output also on the 5 year old Canon EOS 50D. As most of you probably know, the EOS 50D was the last semiprofessional DSLR in the xxD series. The EOS 60D that followed was more “Rebel inspired” than the 50D and the 40D.

The video above is amazing. You may also want to check sample images here. Will the Canon EOS 50D get a new life with the hack? First of all, check the price here on eBay.

The Canon EOS 50D is still kicking, read here why.

[via EOSHD]

Magic Lantern RAW Hack


  • AF

    Good try! Just not as impressive with the output from a 5DMiii in Raw. Believe me at those prices on Ebay I would buy one if the quality & Sharpness looked the same…

  • Marius

    i have tested it on my old and abandoned 50D.

    the quality is better then the GH2 and GH3 i bought for video…. i am stunned!!!

    i expect to see the 50D go up in price on ebay the next days.

    this is absolutely stunning…..

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