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Mitakon Lens Turbo For Canon FD Lenses And Sony NEX (Speed Booster Clone)

Mitakon Lens Turbo

It was a matter of time before someone would replicate Metabones’ idea and make it cheaper. Mitakon is now selling their first Lens Turbo Adapter with a 0.72x focal reduction (i.e. you get full-frame on a crop sensor). There is a Lens Turbo for Canon FD lenses and Sony’s NEX cameras. It works exactly like the Speed Booster adapter from Metabones at a fraction of the price. So, if you have some old glorious FD-mount lenses laying around and own a Sony NEX this is for you. There are Lens Turbo auctions here on eBay. The official press release can be read at Mitakon’s website.

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[via 43rumors]
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