Canon EOS 5DS production model sample pictures hit the web

After a lot of pre-production Canon EOS 5DS & EOS 5DS R reviews, the first reviews on production models start to surface. The first we feature here are our friends at Photography Blog.

Check a set of 91 JPEG and 20 raw images taken with a final production version of the Canon EOS 5DS, running v1.01 firmware. Enjoy and let  me know what you think if you want. And, btw, both the EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R started shipping. Got yours?

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Canon EOS M3 review (much faster AF, excellent image quality)

Canon eos m3

Photography Blog reviewed the Canon EOS M3. In the conclusion:

[…] the EOS M3 is […] a good camera, and if you already have a number of EOS lenses, it’s a logical choice if you want to reduced the size of the overall system. With the addition of a much faster AF system, control and exposure compensation dials, bigger handgrip and a tilting LCD screen, more experienced photographers will find much to like. It really does need an integrated viewfinder, though – the days of buying an expensive EVF that takes up the flash hotshoe are long gone when all of the EOS M3’s principal rivals have one built-in, in a similar body size and at the same price-point. In terms of image quality, the EOS M3 happily fits the bill, with the new 24.2 megapixel sensor delivering very pleasing images throughout the ISO range.

As usual with EOS M3 reviews, the lack of native lenses is criticised. Read the full review at Photography Blog.

Canon EOS M3 now shipping! Price check for your country:
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Canon EOS 5DS R review (Shutterbug)

Canon EOS 5DS R

Shutterbug review a pre-production Canon EOS 5DS R (with beta firmware). In the conclusion:

What’s missing in this camera?: 4K video and a vari-angle, swing-out (articulated) LCD monitor to give you the feel of a true, 21st century movie-making experience. And, yes, I’d like to see frame rates higher than 5 fps, but remember that we are shooting at the full 50MP resolution. And it would be nice to boost that ISO level another notch—sans interpolation, I might add.

Still, one can’t help but wonder if the 5DS R (along with the 5DS) isn’t an interim camera, as if Canon were saying, if we can put a 50MP sensor inside an existing body, just imagine what we can do if we revamp the chassis and make further tweaks.

Full resolution images available for your pixel-peeping pleasure. Read the review at Shutterbug.

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