Another Canon Camera Shows Up For Certification, And It Might Be An EOS R

More Canon gear appears at a certification agency. Based on the internal code-name we assume it’s an EOS R model.

The new camera has the moniker DS12856. Now, we know that Canon gear having internal codes starting with “DS” refer to an interchangable-lens camera. Since we do not expect any new EOS xxxD/Rebel, we might assume it refers to an upcoming EOS R model. Which one is the guess. The most likely candidate so fare seems to be the highly anticipated high resolution EOS R. It might also be the flagship EOS R model, but we are less confident on this one.

Stay tuned.

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These Are The Canon Cameras We Can Expect To Get Released In 2021

Eos R Canon Cameras

2021 has just started, we all hope it will be better than 2020. And some might also be curious to learn what Canon cameras might get released in 2021. A curated list of the top 2020 rumors has been compiled for your rumors fun and speculations.

An EOS R camera with an APS-C sensor

While we are still having a hard time to buy it, the long running rumor of an EOS R model still surfaces every now and then. Indeed, this rumor started the week after the EOS R was released. Such a possibility was denied by a Canon exec in an interview back in 2018. Everything is possible but for the time being we are not sold on this rumor nor on the imminent dead of the EOS M system. Time will tell and we will see if the rumor gets moved to the next upcoming year as it happened so far. In other words: we do not think this camera will get released in 2021.

High-resolution RF body

Another long running rumor, but one that definitely is going to happen soon. We were first to leak it and there is also a related patent. Moreover, it was later confirmed by a Canon exec. So far this camera is rumored to have a 90MP imaging sensor that can go up to 300MP with pixel shift. The high resolution EOS R was dubbed EOS R5s by the rumor mills community.

Two entry level EOS R bodies

These camera will replace the EOS R and the EOS RP. No specifications have leaked so far but is seems safe to assume that they will both be placed below the EOS R6, with one of them to sell at less than the EOS RP, as another Canon exec suggested. Rumored price tage are $899 and $1499, respectively. Not sure if both will be seen in 2021. Take it with a grain of salt.

An EOS-1D X tier EOS R body

Another rumor with a high chance to become reality in 2021. Canon will release a flagship EOS R camera that is on EOS-1D X level. This too was already confirmed by a Canon exec. The camera was dubbed EOS R1 by the rumor outlets name giving squads.

Canon EOS C50 and EOS C90

Two new Canon Cinema cameras with RF mount. The EOS C50 might come in the first half of 2021, the other one’s release is yet unknown. Canon already released a Cinema camera with RF mount, the EOS C70, and it’s safe more will follow.

A Canon 8K video camera

Already teased many times, this one might definitely get announced in 2021.

So, while these is nothing new we hope you appreciate the sum up of what Canon cameras might come in 2021. Be aware that both the global pandemic and a recent fire at a supply factory might delay some of the announcements. Let us know what you think about this rich and large (and possible) Canon release schedule

A Canon EOS R With APS-C Sensor Coming 2021 (no EOS 7D III it seems)

Eos R With Aps-c

It appears Canon is indeed going to release an EOS R with APS-C sensor. Or at least with an RF mount.

Canon Rumors is rather confident that Canon will release a mirrorless camera with APS-C sensor in the EOS R lineup in the second half of 2021. While no specifications have been suggested so far, the camera will aim at sport photographers (as the EOS 7D lineup did) and videographers. Moreover, it seems it will be the smallest unit in the EOS R lineup. A newly developed imaging sensor with Dual Pixel AF II is also mentioned.

So, RF-S lenses also on Canon’s radar? Not clear for the time being. The rumor states that “there will be lenses that will suit both the APS-C and full-frame shooter” but also says “that there aren’t any plans for RF-S lenses“.

If Canon releases an EOS R mirrorless camera with APS-C sensor then it will clearly be the mirrorless replacement for the EOS 7D Mark II. I wonder if an EOS 7D Mark III would still make any sense in 2021.

We have always been very skeptical about an APS-C EOS R. It seems we could have been utterly wrong.

Stay tuned.

Canon Developed A New 21MP Sensor, Might It Be Featured On The EOS R1?

Canon Eos Line-up

We got an interesting tip and want to share it with you. It’s a about a new image sensor developed by Canon and the possibility it will be featured on the EOS R1.

Our source told us (thanks) that Canon has developed a new image sensor with these specifications:

Just to be clear: the rumored sensor is not a 2/3″ sensor but it is based on a 2/3 inch sensor.

So, the question here is: might this sensor come with the Canon EOS R1? Maybe. The EOS R1 is said to be equivalent to the EOS-1D X lineup, and it is rumored to get released in 2021. Will a 21MP full frame sensor still be good enough for a sport-oriented, professional mirrorless camera in 2021? Let me know what you think.

Canon Exec Neither Confirms Nor Denies The Canon EOS R7 (and R6 sensor derived from EOS-1D X III?)

Canon Eos R7

A Japanese site interviewed a Canon exec. When asked about a possible Canon EOS R7 camera, the Canon executive did not deny it. He didn’t confirm it either.

DC Watch interviewed Mr. Tsuyoshi Tokura, General Manager of Image Communication Business Headquarters at Canon. Here are some excerpts from the interview. Please note: the quoted text below is machine translated.

When asked about the EOS R7 (rumored to have an APS-C sensor), Mr. Tokura said:

We have released two models this time, but the R series lineup is not yet complete. Of course, I’m thinking of expanding it in the future as a strategy, but I can’t say yet whether it will be EOS R7. However, there is no doubt that the lineup will be expanded, so please look forward to it.

Not sure if something got lost (or added) in translation, but Mr. Tokura seems to suggest the Canon EOS R6 sensor is derived from the EOS-1D X Mark III (has a 20MP sensor like the R6). That’s the answer (I guess) to a question about the sensor resolution of the EOS R5 and R6. If someone can read Japanese I’d appreciate a help on this one.

[Canon] wanted to make the most of the CMOS sensor on the EOS-1D X Mark III. It is burdensome to develop two models at the same time, so by making good use of them, you can create them in parallel. Since the EOS R5 is a high-pixel model with about 45 million pixels and performance that can meet professional needs, the EOS R6, which can be said to be a brother machine, should be a model with a better overall balance than the number of pixels.

When asked why they made the RF 600mm f/11 and RF 800mm f/11, considered atypical lenses for Canon:

It’s said that [it is untypical for] Canon, but it’s welcome that isn’t like Canon. It means how much you can make a surprise. When it comes to the new RF mount lens series, we have to do what we couldn’t do with the EF mount. The 600mm and 800mm lenses, which are quite affordable for super-telephoto lenses, are the popular versions of DO lenses. You can simply fix 600mm and 800mm to F11, so even if it is said that you can make it at this size and price, you can not make it unless various elemental technologies are catching up. The RF system and the technology, experience, and know-how cultivated in EF have been well matched, and we were able to commercialize it at this timing.

Get the whole interview at DC Watch.

canon eos r7
Will there be a Canon EOS R7 with APS-C sensor?

The EOS R5 seems to be highly regarded as a stills camera. In particular, the autofocus system seems to be huge leap forwards. More Canon EOS R5 review stuff is listed here, for the EOS R6 see here. User manual are available for download for the EOS R5 and the EOS R6.

Canon EOS R5 body and kits preorder links:

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Canon EOS R6 body and kits preorder links:

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A Low Res Video And A High Res Photo Cam For The Canon EOS R Lineup?

Canon Eos R6 Manual

We got a rumor from a new source about a possible Canon EOS R5C (or R3C) video camera and a Canon EOS R5S (or R3S) camera with a high resolution sensor.

The Canon EOS R5C/R3C and the EOS R5S/R3S are said to share the same camera body form factor. Here is what else got suggested:

  • R5C/R3C has the same sensor technology as the EOS R5 but with half resolution
  • R5C/R3C records 4K/120P with no crop
  • R5C/R3C does 2.8K supersampling in super35 mode
  • Both have a newly developed heat sink
  • R5S/R3S has “double-width resolution sensor of EOS R6
  • R5S/R3S does 12fps
  • Dual Pixel AF performance in low light better than EOS R5 and EOS R6.
  • R5S/R3S “high resolution monster being hybrid for quality and speed

To be honest we have some doubts about this rumor. Besides the moniker uncertainty there is more that makes us wonder. Even if something might have got lost in translation, we wonder what “double-width resolution” exactly means.

Take this with a huge grain of salt. All Canon rumors are listed here.