Canon EOS M7 and EOS M50 Mark II To Be Announced In 2020?

Canon Eos M7 Rumor EOS M50 Full Frame Mirrorless

Here is a follow up on the rumor about the new Canon EOS M cameras that might be announced in 2020, the EOS M7 and EOS M50 Mark II.

The Canon EOS M7 might be Canon’s next flagship in the EOS M lineup.

Along with the EOS M7 Canon might also release a “higher-end” EF-M lens”. The fact that Canon’s next EOS M flagship has a “7” in its moniker doesn’t automatically mean it’s intended to replace the EOS 7D Mark II, which might be the last of its kind.

No surprise Canon is set to release a successor to their highly popular EOS M50. The EOS M50 Mark II might also be announced in Q4 2020. Unfortunately, no rumored specifications here but we are pretty sure IBIS will be featured also on the EOS M50 Mark II.

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Are These The Specifications For The Upcoming Canon Cine Camera With RF Mount?

Eos C100 Cinema Camera RF Mount

An RF mount Canon Cinema camera is rumored since a few months. Here are the alleged specifications.

Canon is rumored to announce a Cinema camera with RF mount in August 2020. These are the rumored specifications:

  • Same Super35 sensor as the Canon Cinema EOS C200
  • Internal ND filters (mechanical) up to 6 stops
  • 2x Mini XLR inputs
  • Full-size HDMI
  • 4K 4:2:2 10bit in ALL-I and IPB up to 120p
  • 1x CFexpress Type B Slot
  • 2x SD UHS-II slots
  • External RAW recording options up to 4K 120P
  • 2x LP-E6NH batteries
  • Camera size smaller than the EOS-1D X Mark III
  • Price: $4499 USD

Along with this RF mount Cinema camera, Canon might also release these adapters:

  • PL to RF with Cooke/i
  • EF to RF focal length reducer (speed booster)
  • EF cinema lock to RF

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Another Canon EOS R Camera Coming 2020, Cinema or APS-C?

Canon Eos R Cameras

A new rumor coming from a pretty reliable source suggests Canon is set to release another EOS R camera within 2020.

We think this could be either a Cinema camera with RF mount or an EOS R system camera with APS-C sensor. Both are rumored since a while. However, it seems we will know soon: the rumor suggests Canon might announce this camera at the end of August or beginning of September 2020. Just in time for IBC 2020.

What do you think, APS-C or Cinema?

Source: Canon Rumors

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Last Of Its Kind, No EOS 5D Mark V?

Eos 5d Mark V

A few days ago we got a rumor suggesting the Canon EOS 90D and EOS 7D Mark II will not get a replacement. It seems we might see no Canon EOS 5D Mark V either.

A new and rather confident rumor suggests Canon will not release a 5D Mark V to replace the 5D Mark IV. The source of the rumor says Canon already stopped the development of the 5D Mark V some time ago. The source also claims that the EOS 5D lineup will not live on as a mirrorless version. Wasn’t the EOS R5 intended as a mirrorless EOS 5D series equivalent?

While we are somewhat inclined to believe Canon will not replace the EOS 90D and 7D II, we have a harder time with the EOS 5D Mark IV. This is a highly popular camera among professional photographers, and they are notoriously less fond of mirrorless technology than your average camera user. The EOS 5D Mark IV was announced almost 4 years ago and would be ready for a replacement. Less than a year ago there was a rumor suggesting the 5D V was on “Canon’s roadmap”.

So, no Canon EOS 5D Mark V?

Source: Canon Rumors

Canon EOS 90D and EOS 7D Mark II Last Of Their Kind?

Canon Eos 90d Canon Aps-c Firmware Dynamic Range

Is the Canon EOS 90D the last iteration of the highly popular EOS xxD lineup? We got a tip pointing in that direction.

Canon will not replace the EOS 90D with a new model, we have been told. Instead, Canon will release a new APS-C mirrorless camera as replacement. The source didn’t tell if this new camera will be an EOS M or an EOS R model.

Not the first time a rumor suggests the end of the long running EOS xxD lineup. In the past we had a rumor suggesting there would be no EOS 90D and a MILC instead. It didn’t happen.

And the Canon EOS 7D series? Rumors suggests Canon might see a mirrorless future here too. This could get interesting since the EOS 7D lineup was always intended for the pros who wanted or needed an APS-C body (for instance to get more reach with their telephoto lenses). Canon has to release a truly amazing APS-C mirrorless camera to replace the EOS 7D Mark II (and the EOS 90D too, for that matter).

A recent rumor suggests an EOS R camera with APS-C sensor might be on Canon’s radar. Rumors that Canon might release an APS-C camera in the EOS R lineup are surfacing since a while. 2021 might be the year for such a camera.

I’m particularly fond of the Canon EOS xxD lineup. The EOS 40D was my first “serious” DSLR. A great camera, I still have it. Then came the EOS 70D and later the EOS 80D, the latter being my favorite all-round DSLR.

Btw, how would the next iteration of the xxD lineup be named, Canon EOS 95D? EOS 100D is already taken (the Rebel SL1 is named EOS 100D in Europe).

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