These Are The More Exotic Lenses and Adapters On Display At CP+ 2019

Cp+ 2019

Courtesy of DC Watch, here are images of lenses and adapters made by some less known manufacturer.

Above: Zhong Yi Optics Speedmaster 50mm F/0.95 III, will be released for the Canon EOS R and Nikon Z systems.

A Speedmaster 50mm F/0.95 C will also be released. Guess the “C” stay for Cinema.

Various adapters from K&L Concept, EOS R and Nikon Z inclusive.

Commlite adapters, here too for EOS R.

Manual Focusing Kipon ELEGANT lenses mounted on Canon EOS R and Nikon Z.

KamLan is a Taiwanese lens manufacturer making lenses mainly for APS-C and 4/3. In the image above you see the 50mm F/1.1 Mark I (left) and 50mm F/1.1 Mark II (right).

KamLan 8mm F/3 fisheye lens

The Lomography Lomogon 32 mm F/2.5 Art lens (Canon EF and Nikon F mounts, in the image above mounted on Sony via adapter).

Chinese lens manufacturer Kapkur displayed a manual focus 85mm F/1.4 lens for Canon EF mount.

And a fisheye lens too, the Kapkur 6.5mm F/3.5.

More images at DC Watch

The Golden Canon EOS RP Is On Display At CP+ 2019

Canon Eos Rp

Canon is showcasing their gear at CP+ 2019. Among the cameras and less on display, there is the special “Gold” version of the Canon EOS RP, available only in Japan. Images via Digital Life Innovator.

The Canon EOS RP in stock and ready to ship at Adorama | B&H Photo | Canon USA | Amazon US. Note that if you order the EOS RP you are still getting the RF/EF adaptor and the EG-E1 extension grip for free.

World wide pre-order links for the Canon EOS RP (most should have the RP in stock):

America: B&H Photo, Adorama, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada, Canon Canada, Canon USA
Europe & UK: Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon IT, Canon IT, WEX Photographic, Canon FR, Canon UK, Canon DE

Canon Presents Five Concept Cameras At CP+ 2019

Funny stuff presented by Canon at CP+ 2019. Five concept cameras for various purposes, reports DC Watch.

The first “Soto Asobi camera” aims at outdoor use. It’s rugged, waterproof ad will survive when hitting concrete from 2 meters. Its unique construction eliminates the viewfinder and uses the frame of the body as rangefinder. The exterior part of the body can be changed to one’s taste.

Changing clothes

The second concept camera model is a Multifunctional Camera with the aim to let you “enjoy a telephoto lens easily”. It features a 100-400mm telephoto lens. A smartphone can be used as display.

100-400mm telephoto

The third concept camera is named “Intelligent Compact Camera” and supports automatic shooting along with panorama and tilt functions. It supports speech recognition and is able to recognise smiles or gestures (as the peace sign).

Intelligent Compact Camera

The fourth concept camera model is the “Kids Mission Camera“. This camera promises to deliver what Canon calls “game sensation” and clearly aims to kids not familiar with cameras. It also seems to have some sort of scene recognition functionality.

Kid’s Mission Camera

The fifth and last concept camera is a bit more complex. It’s a “free viewpoint image generation system” which can provide images with a realistic and immersive feeling. Sports and other events are the area of application.

If you take a sports stadium as example, you combine the imagery of multiple cameras (say 30) installed around the stadium, and then combine all single images in a three-dimensional rendered image. These 3D images can be manipulated by moving a virtual camera, so you can change point of view at your pleasure (kicker’s or goalkeeper’s point of view, to make an example), or you can follow a player on the field.